Top 5 cyber threats, one solution - CYBER SECURITY.

3 years ago

CYBER SECURITY - care to be aware

What are cyber threats? How it causes damage to us.?

A cyber threat is an act that tends to damage, steal or cause disruption of our data through unfair means. 

It includes viruses, hacking or by some other techniques. 

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Types of Cyber threats.

As per the data collected, in 2012 there was a list which was updated in front of the world. 

Some common cyber threats include : 

  • Trojans
  • Botnet attacks
  • Phishing
  • Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Wiper Attacks
  • Data Manipulation
  • Money theft
  • Malware 


Talking about the 5 most malicious threats, they are : 

  1. Botnet attacks : It is a collection of internet connected devices that allows hackers to control it. 
  2. Phishing: It is the practice of fraud communications which appear to be sent by some reputable sources mainly through emails, but they steal our sensitive information and data.
  3. Hacking: It is the illegal practice of technologies and information to steal someone's personal or professional data by some expert without even letting them know through some software's.
  4. Virus: A computer virus is mainly a type of malware which replicates its programming from computer to computers through files or the programs people share with each other.
  5. Malware: Sometimes a malicious software gets installed on a machine knowingly or unknowingly which performs some type of criminal act for some other person.

Reduction of CYBER THREATS 

To save yourself from these types of mishaps and save your personal data you should follow the given points : 

  • Always pay attention to the warnings that the browser or desktop shows.
  • Change your passwords time to time.
  • Always have strong and unique passwords which are difficult to decode.
  • Keep all your security software's updated.

Cyber security is the utmost method to prevent your devices from data encryption or patent stolen or any kind of mishappenings.


Cyber Security refers to the good combination of technologies and practices which are designed to protect our data, network, programs from attack or damage through some unknown dangerous bodies which stole our data. Cyber security is also known as Information technology security. 

Why cyber security is important? Is there any use of it? 

Cyber security plays a vital role in protecting data and information of various government, military, national agencies, bigwigs which have a lot of data stored in their computers or hard disks. 

And for this a quote can be used which says : "Leave a clear desk while you're away and at the end of each day." 

It is important for a person to close all his devices properly and change passwords regularly to protect all his data and personal information. 

Technology trust is a good thing, but control is a better one. ~ Stephane Nappo 


There are methods which can help prevent your devices from the threats but by following these : 

  1. Always train or hire some employees in cyber security principles.
  2. Install and use antivirus software's on a daily basis.
  3. Use a firewall for your internet connection.
  4. Have a secured connection of Wi-Fi networks.
  5. Make individual accounts for each employee.
  6. Keep strong passwords and change them every month. 

It is always said that prevention is better than cure, so "Be aware and connect with care" .

Frequently Asked Questions

Cyber security is very important to prevent your personal and professional data from getting encrypted.

This happens because of the lack of security in your devices which leads to cyber threats. Always try to prevent it regularly changing passwords and using cyber security.