The World In 2050

By 2050, our planet will be a vastly different place. By 2050, artificial intelligence will be everywhere AI-driven stores will allow you to purchase goods without cashiers or waiting lines. AI will diagnose and treat patients to manage transportation and analyze massive quantities of data. AI BOTS and voice recognition systems will sound like and behave just like real people.

· Robots

AI will be implemented into robots and by 2050 robot dogs and other pets will serve as companions. The robot will dominate factories and going to serve as teachers, cooks, pharmacists, law enforcement officers, athletes, and other professionals.

· Translator

 In 2050, universal translators will remove all language barriers, and voice recognition will be ubiquitous and hundreds of sensors will be stored in our home, and overall everywhere from the environment to monitor our well-being and improve our lives.

· Computers

By 2050, we may run on quantum computers based on properties of quantum physics, quantum computers could deliver massive leaps and computing power outstripping any current transistor-based models. AI and computers will integrate into humans.

· Medical treatment

Brain chips like Elon Musk’s neural link that will treat neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s spinal cord injury and blindness. These chips will allow people to control computers and prosthetics with no physical interaction.

· Tech

By 2050, we may control things with our minds and communicating through brain signals. By 2050. Robotic prosthetics may be stronger and more advanced than our biological ones. Prosthetic eyes and ears will be entering the market during blindness and deafness and in 30 years like.

· Virtual Reality

A virtual reality (VR) will be everywhere. People will try clothes in VR closets and holograms will bring Face Time to a new level. The platforms will allow you to move around while staying still. The most interesting part is that we’ll be able to travel the world and experience life on other planets just by sitting at home. Isn’t that interesting?

· The Transportation Revolution

In 2014, 320,000 new electric vehicles were registered around the world. In 2019, the number was 2.3 million. By 2025, global sales are projected to surpass 10 million and by 2050, the majority of automobiles will be electric and gas stations will be disappeared and replaced with at-home charging stations and refueling vehicles as low as 10 minutes. Isn’t that great? Automobiles will become driverless as of now Tesla vehicles already have achieved level 2 automation on the Society of Automotive Engineers ranking. Other companies like Google have invested billions of dollars into self-driving technology. Currently, it is expected that fully autonomous level 5 vehicles will roll out to consumers in the late to mid-2020s and become commonplace in the 2030s. People will be hopping into cars with no steering. Thousands of autonomous vans will be delivering and shipments around the world with no human interaction. Drones have started doing that for shorter distances. Electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft will provide urban transportation. Currently, there are several working evie tolls aircraft prototypes. The urban market for them is massive and studies have revealed that technologies became a highly profitable one. One of the companies working is Uber who wants to make aerial ride-sharing a reality. There’s also an Airbus who has their drone-like Airbus pop up concept. The Hummus Airbus and other companies succeed, and we can see the widespread adoption of the technology.

Elon Musk’s company is digging small experimental tunnels under cities. By 2050, cities will have thousands of tunnels underneath them. Another Musk sprained child’s Hyper loop will revolutionize long-distance land transportation. The idea of Hyperloop was to reduce the timing compared to the actual time taken to reach the destination.

For travel between continents, airplanes will remain dominant with improved batteries. Several companies are working to bring back supersonic aircraft. These aircraft are not certainly airliners but small- scale jets meant to carry only 0-100 people. By 2050, we can see supersonic aircraft soaring through the skies. Elon Musk wants to use his starship to transport people all around the world soon and Musk starship 1could travel from New York to London in 29 minutes only.

· Space trips

SpaceX has taken the lead in developing a space tourism model where a person can go for space tourism. Other companies are working on this avenue.

· Drones

Drones are becoming important for many reasons. Military applications are also highly being sought after. Even there are companies such as Amazon and Jubilant Food works that use drones to deliver goods and pizzas. This will become the necessities by 2050.

· New Energy Source

There is a worldwide worry about global warming and much research is going in to hunt for alternative and renewable sources of energy. Future technology is expected to include improved efficiency of solar power generation, geothermal energy and to decrease thermal power plants.