Pataal Lok inspired Cerberus banking virus.

4 years ago

Yes! you heared it right!! .This Cerberus Android Banking Trojan is greatly inspired by the latest web series - Pataal Lok . Before knowing how it is inspired by the latest web series ,first of all you should know all about this trojan malware.

What is Cerberus ?

Cerberus is an Android banking Trojan which was created in year 2019 and is used to steal various sensitive, confidential information.This trojan primarily focuses on stealing banking credentials like credit card numbers ,CVV (Card Verification Value) and more.

Cerberus pretend to be as some Flash Player application or service which does not appear in the application drawer .Cyber criminals behind the Cerberus can use it as a tool to perform various actions on victim's device.

For example , it access the contacts and enable the call forwarding to a particular number ,displays push notifications that , if clicked would launch a particular applications , open addresses in WebView ( open web pages in application) ,lock screen and some other tasks.

Threat to banking sector!

Cerberus are just like the credentials stealer and a credit card grabber . Our debit card and the credit card numbers are stored in our banking payment applications ( or in cookies of our web browser) . And when the victim enters their login credentials (CVV's) , it looks like it is a legitimate login and all these details are sent to the attackers and before the final OTP for payment comes the messaging app gets hijacked and sent to the attacker C2 server.


  • Device starts running slow.
  • System's settings are being modified without user's permission.
  • Many applications appear on our screen ,though not installed.
  • Battery usage shoots up and mobile phones heat up even in standby mode.
  • Bad advertisements are delivered.

Virus Distribution:-

  • through the spam or infected email attachments.
  • through malicious online websites pop ups and advertisements.
  • through deceptive applications.
  • through the torrents websites/scam websites.
  • usually by tricking the visitors into using fake Adobe Flash Player installers and by claiming that installed version is out of date

List of famous Apps targeted by Cerberus malware:

--- Bank of America Mobile Banking

--- Gmail

--- IMO free video calls and chat

--- Instagram

--- Microsoft Outlook

--- WhatsApp

--- SnapChat

--- Twitter

--- Uber

--- and many more

Story of Pataal Lok inspired virus-

The way Cerberus trojan malware attacks and damages our system and it has also became as a threat to our banking sector . Recently , the State Bank of India made a tweet regarding Cerberus Attack due to which there have been many speculations made regarding to a latest Web Series - Pataal Lok .

  • It advises the user to be vigilant and watchful against the cyber frauds which is equivalent to the 'Swarg Lok'
  • Clicking on an unknown links and pop ups despite of being aware of Cerberus trojan malware is categorised as 'Dharti Lok'.
  • Whereas ending up as a victim of a Cerberus Trojan malware is 'Pataal Lok'

Removal Of Cerberus Trojan Malware

By scanning the Android applcations with the legitimate anti-malware software like -

  • Avast
  • Bitdefender
  • ESET
  • Malwarebytes

Frequently Asked Questions

Try to clear all the cookies in your browser ,remove all the malicious apps those are consuming your data ,clear your mobile cache memory .If still it doesn't get removed ,try to factory reset your phone.

Then you have to visit your mobile service centre or nearby mobile repair shop and ask them to re-install the android/ios os in it.