HACKING AND ETHICS - There Is A Hack For Everything

4 years ago

HACKING AND ETHICS - Is hacking a crime? 

Let's talk about hacking first.

So basically hacking is just a basic means to use your skills and knowledge to peek into someone's digital devices such as computers, laptops, smart phones or even someone's back account digitally. 

Okay so now talk about what is meant by ethics.

Ethics means the morals or the values which can be used on daily basis or routine. 

When these both terms combine it forms Ethical Hacking which simply means hacking with some ethics and it is not illegal. You can penetrate in someone's account legally. 

They are taught by professionals and on the request of various clients these hacks are performed. 

Importance of Ethical Hacking

As far as Ethical Hacking is concerned all the big companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon etc and government organisations use ethical hacking to find the errors and bugs in their programs to prevent the illegal hacking of the system. 

These organisations face many difficulties and challenges and as a result they update their hack prevention policies, install several softwares for the same. 

Benefits of Ethical Hacking

The main benefits include: 

  • Prevention of the data and making it secured.
  • Preventing national data from terrorists. 
  • Help in protecting our networks from the outside world.

Tools uses for Ethical Hacking 

There are many tools which the professionals use and test to peep into someone's personal space some of which includes: 

  • SQL attack tools
  • Linux OS "distro" 

The most used and the most professional tool right now is Kali distro.

5 top courses for Ethical Hacking 

Many of us are interested in learning hacking for profession or for fun. So here you go with the top 5 courses : 

  1. Certified Ethical Hacker
  3. Offensive Security Certified Professional
  4. Foundstone Ultimate Hacking
  5. CREST

Now let's come to the main point is hacking a crime? 

So hacking is not a crime until it is done "ethically" where the hacker is legally permitted to look into someone's personal networks. 

But if you are doing it without anyone's permission and copying their data or misusing their networks it is definitely a crime and the cyber crime branch looks into it. 

There are mainly 2 types of hackers :

  1. White hat hacker 
  2. Black hat hacker

So mainly back when the hacking came into process there were 2 types of hackers one who were good and used to do good or legal hacking called ethical hacking and they used to wear a white coloured hat. 

Another one is illegal hacking and they used to wear black colored hat.

Concluding it I would like to say that if you are interested please play around the ethical hacking part and protect your networks from being misused. 

And i would like to quote it 

"Hacking is not a crime, it's a profession till the time you play with it safely." 

Frequently Asked Questions

So basically 2 types of hacking are there : ethical hacking and illegal hacking amongst which illegal hacking are considered to be crime.

Yes hacking is legal in India as well as in worldwide but it should ethical hacking only if you practice illegal hacking cyber security and cyber crime branch will surely take strong action againt you.