Why Should You Learn Python and Everything You Need To Know

What is Python?

Python is an interpreted , object-oriented, high-level programming language developed by Guido van Rossum. Because of its emphasis on readability,effectiveness and productivity most developers choose Python over the multitude of programming languages out there.It is also quite popular among data scientists, software engineers and even hackers!

It's easy to debug Python programmes: a bug or weak input would never cause a segmentation fault.Instead, it raises an exemption when the interpreter finds a mistake.

Internet giants like Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Quora and IBM use Python.

Where can you learn Python from?

There are plenty of options to learn programming languages like Python from: You can roll yourself into a coding school,watch online tutorials or even learn by yourself!

What are the uses of Python?

Python has been listed as one of the most chosen programming languages in most universities and industries because of its near perfection elegance.It's large applications to other fields and endless possibilities to create awesome stuff out of scratch that makes it irresistible. Python can be used on:

  • Multiple Programming languages
  • Web Testing
  • Data Science Research
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Extraction
  • Web Applications
  • Cybersecurity Activities 

Here are a few features and applications for you to understand why you should learn Python and how it will benefit you.

  1. Data Science: Python is most data scientists' favourite programming language.Whether it's IT ops, software development or marketing, every job currently uses data and relies on it to drive their operations.Python rose to popularity in the world of data with the publication of 'NumPy' and 'Pandas'.Python also manages mathematical, tabular and matrix information and libraries such as 'Matplotlib' and 'Seaborn' visualise it as well.In comparison, Python work listings outnumber all those in the data science arena.This reflects the fact that the abilities you learn with Python will be translated directly to the growth of your analytical abilities.
  2. Versatile Language and Platform: Today, Python remains very popular as it can be used in any operating scenario or software creation, whether in local and cloud infrastructure management,working against a SQL database. It is also used for promoting object-oriented design and even developing small user tools.
  3. Extracting Data:Data Extraction is another gorgeous feature of Python.It is a method for extracting and organising information on the web from various sources and converting it into useful ones.In addition to data extraction, Python has several web scraping tools and frameworks that can effectively retrieve online data or website material that can provide highly usable tools suitable for various tasks. For machine learning projects, data extraction, SEO rating, marketing and sales campaigns, e-commerce data collection, etc., web scrapers are also handy.
  4. Simple to learn: Mastering Python is an easy language. This is partly attributed to its likeness to the English language. There are a few rules and special cases characterising Python's syntax. Python can be easily learned by anyone. With practise, in mere days using python, newbies can create a simple game. The quality and readability are another appealing feature of this programming language.
  5. Open source and Cross-Platform:The language has been running through channels and open sources for more than 20 years.Python code works on any platform, be it Linux, Windows or MacOS. 
  6. Artificial Intelligence(AI): Artificial intelligence can direct the future of IT without any confrontation. ‘Keras’ and ‘TensorFlow’ are libraries for various fundamentals of machine learning. Libraries such as ‘OpenCV also assist with image recognition.
  7. Web Development: Website development is supported by Python's various frameworks.Python has an array of website creation systems. Using Python, web scraping can be carried out by users , which means fetching information from other websites.
  8. Scripting and Automation: What most people don't know is that Python can be used as a language for scripting.The code is written in script form in the scripting process and executed.So the code is read and interpreted by the computer, and during runtime, errors are tested.It can be used several times after the code is tested.Specific tasks in a problem can also be automated by automation.
  9. High Pay: Relative to those in the industry, the pay of Python engineers is comparatively higher.A Python developer in India receives an average of ₹9,60,000 per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can learn Python from Udemy, Coursera, Codeacademy and others.