Why Is Gaming Good For Your Brain ?

3 years ago

Gaming is the one thing that everyone loves nowadays. As someone gets free, all they do is pick up their phone and play games. Gaming is nothing but the use of applications which are associated with gaming. As we all know everything has its benefits and side effects. Gaming also comes with its pros and cons. But people think that gaming only has side effects. So, today we’ll get to know its benefits


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Mind games: brain test, logic master, brain out

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Strategy games: clash of clans, toy defense

Adventure games: bingo, jungle adventure

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Puzzle games: jigsaw puzzle, word search

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Gaming has many benefits, out of which some of the benefits are:

It Improves Coordination

Gaming helps to improve coordination. As one is involved into gaming his different body parts are used up in it. Coordinating all these body parts improves the overall coordination.

Slows Down Ageing

Its not only the children or young one’s who play games. But, also the people above the age of 50 play games. This is a benefit for them as gaming slows down the process of ageing. This is because, gaming requires use of the brain and different body parts. As they involve into playing games, gaming acts as an exercise for the brain. 

Improves Memory

Playing games also helps in improving memory, as said gaming is an exercise of the brain, so it improves the long-term memory. As you play games, you need to remember the controls, the instructions and many other things. So, all this improves the memory of an individual.

Helps To Improve Problem Solving Skills

Playing games improves the problem solving and decision-making skills. As one needs to instantly decide what step is to be taken or as they get stuck at a stage in the game, they immediately need to think how to go further and solve the stage. So, by all this the problem-solving skills get enhanced.

Improves Attention

Playing games also improves attention as you need to focus more on the game than on any thing else. There are different kind of games lie mind games or any such game. If we do not pay attention to the game, we would not be able to progress into the next level. 

Increases Social Skills

As one plays games, they need to interact to the other members who are a part of the game. There are many games which require group of members. So, as you ply such games, you also interact with the mew members who join in the game.

Helps Reduce Stress

As people face day to stress, playing games can keep them distracted from these tensions. As one involves in gaming, they forget about the tensions around which is a great way to deal with stress. It has also been seen that as people cross one level, it gives them happiness which also helps to cheer up their mood.

Good exercise for the brain

Gaming involves the various parts of the brain. As you involve yourself in the game, you try each and every way to do your best. This helps in your mind to think of more different ways, which acts as an exercise for the brain to function in a better way.


Video games has side effects also. Students just take up phones or laptop and sit back to play games. It is not good to play games all the time, they come with side effects as well.


Video games can be addictive. As one starts playing one game, it’s not easy to get rid of it. Even kids nowadays do not leave phones aside. Instead of going out to play, they are so addicted to the phones and games that they are least interested in any other activity.

Effect On The Eyes

There are many less people who are aware that children of age 3 to 9, if uses phone for a long-time effect their eyes. They can be color blind at a young age. Using pone for a longer period of time effects the visual power of a person, especially young children.


Playing games for a long time, can lead people to depression. As people get addicted to gaming and do not show interest in any other work. Also, they stop interacting to others, which can slowly lead them into depression.

Aggressive Behavior

There are games that make people aggressive, slowly it becomes a part of their behavior. Parents should keep an eye on children if they are getting effected by being aggressive or irritated. As someone asks them for something or something is different from their expectations, they get irritated. 

Low Grades

As children get addicted to gaming, they do not pay attention on studies. And less attention to studies leads to low grades. Students should be made understood that both studies and games are important in life.

Decreased Social Skills

Children full day sits in the front of the phone or computer screen to play games. So, they do not step out to play games and interact with others. Even it is noted that as children gets addicted to gaming, they do not interact with family members properly.


As children sit at one single place for playing games on phone, it leads to overweight. If one plays outdoor games, it helps in the fitness. But these phone games lead to overweight and obesity.


Some of the fun games that are really interesting are:


Fruit ninja


Bubble shooter



Mario kart tour

Maze games

Cooking games


There are many games that help enhance the brain and attention. They are mainly called as mind games. Some of these games are:

Brain test

Logic master

Brain out


Brain challenge


math master


Some of the free games to play on your pc are:

Fortnite battle royale

League of legends

Star Wars


Roblox and many others….

Frequently Asked Questions

Some games are only age specific. They are not meant for younger age children as it can affect their psychological thinking also. So, some games are age restricted.

Yes, downloading games from some places can bring virus. Always ensure you download games from safe places and do a virus scan after downloading.

Pictionary, bingo, kbc, monopoly, homer and some other games can be educational games.