What Is Responsive Design And Why Does My Site Need It ?

7 months ago

Responsive Design can be a beneficial way to solve many problems for your website. It is a way through which one can make their website look mobile friendly and improve the ways on how it looks on devices with both small and large screens. It helps in increasing the time of the visitors on your website and also improves ranking in search engines like Google. It is important for fluid and flexible layout for the people and adjusts according to the screen size. Mobile web development is as important as developing the website for the desktop.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach through which design and development respond to users’ behavior based on screen size and orientation on different devices. Responsive Design is a way to put together the website so that it adjusts according to the screen size and automatically scales the content and images to match the screen size. It helps mobile device users to not need to do extra work to read or watch the content. 

Responsive design is designed to avoid unnecessary zooming, scrolling and resizing the page or the website to read it properly. A website needs to be optimized for different devices. You need to design the grids and layout in a way with the use of CSS and HTML. If the user switches from the desktop or laptop to mobile phones or tablets or iPad, then the website should immediately accommodate itself according to the image size and scripting. The website should also respond to the user’s preferences whether they want to view desktop view on mobile or switch to mobile view. In both ways it should be converted easily. This would eliminate the need of different design and development for different gadget and would help in more traffic. 

Basically, your website will look good and also will work well on any device be it mobile phone’s browser or a desktop or mobile view for a better browsing experience.

Why Does Your Website Need Responsive Design?

  • Low Maintenance Needs: Maintaining a website for both desktop view and mobile view is difficult but responsive design lets you make a website which can be viewed in both the views. Maintaining is separately requires heavy cost and testing as well as support. Standardized testing tools and methodologies are required for optimal layout. One size fits for all approach is a good and developers need to keep in mind. Spending less time on maintenance for a website will make up time to focus on more important things like content creation and good website development. 
  • More Traffic: It is easy for websites to make smaller screens so that users don’t encounter images which are distorted or bad layout. People use mobiles more for browsing the websites and use laptops less so it is important for the companies with brilliant websites for more traffic and more visitors who can easily access the website and can spend longer time on the website.
  • Flexible Images: The greatest challenge in responsive design is the resizing of the images which could fit both desktop screen and different mobile screens. With the maximum width set to 100 percent of viewing area images or pictures can shrink according to the proportions of the screens or the browser. The CSS automatically resizes the image directed by it. Image resolutions are an important part of any website. CSS website design make a website run faster and efficient. Larger images can make the desktop screen load slow. So it is important for the developers to take care of such issues and make it friendlier to be used by the users and visitors. HTML web design is done by the responsive designers and provides mobile web development services for doing webdesign. Responsive web design templates are made by the responsive web design company to offer services quickly and companies can select according to the templates designed by them.
  • Makes Website Speedy: The page on any device should load in 2-3 seconds according to google page speed standards. A desktop website should easily load on the mobile view because of the responsive web design. Test website on different devices after the web designing is done properly and ensure that the speed it good on any device the website is opened.
  • Helpful In SEO: Responsive design is beneficial in maintaining website easily and in a better way. If a user lands on your mobile website he or she should have convenience in looking for the things he or she wants to see. Through responsive design there are more chances of people visiting your website and a user is more likely to stay for longer or use your service. Google recommends websites to be mobile friendly and helps in better ranking on the search engine. Search engine optimization companies apply the methodology of responsive website design and in return they get good ranking on search engines. 
  • Easy In Management: Many small businesses do not have enough time to change the look of the website very often and also they need to hire the web designers to handle all the aspect of the website. Thus responsive design lets you make changes quickly and make changes for yourself. Also, with one website other elements would be easier to manage like marketing and social media to link through that. It will keep all redirect links help working right for the visitors. 
  • Improved User Experience: User Experience is very crucial for any website and their owners. If you want people to like your website then your website needs to be flexible. To make your website more user friendly and flexible, you need to incorporate responsive design. If any visitor visits your website and the website takes longer to load and there are distorted images, then it can make experience bad for the visitor and will look unprofessional. But Responsive Design can help convince people and giver a better user experience because scrolling and zooming will be eliminated and content can be viewed easily. 
  • It Helps In Combating Bounce Rate Of Visitors: If your website is ranked at a good position on google and doing pretty good in searches but performs badly on mobile or tablet then it is a major problem for your company to grow. Non responsive websites will suffer high bounce rates and people will not visit it on laptops especially for that. It will be harder for you to make them engaged therefore they will bounce. So responsive design play a vital role in making visitors come to your website and spend time on it. Even if you are a good brand or company, your visitors or customers will never go to your website if it gives bad user experience. 
  • Pay Per Click Benefits: Google AdWords has converted web to enhanced campaigns. What is for you are targeting many websites for the same. Google’s enhanced campaigns show biggest change in the past few years and is benefiting the websites with responsive design to easily manage business with flexibility and customer reach. It has also responsive website checker to rank accordingly on the search engine. Google check responsive websites and those websites can only be ranked on the search engine. 

In this multi screen world it is important for your website to be viewable across many devices. It appeals to both mobile and desktop viewers but the numbers of mobile users are now increasing due to easy smartphone accessibility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Number of smartphone users is increasing to that of desktop users due to portability and accessibility. So, it will be good for any user to open the website anytime using mobile.

Responsive design helps to adjust the website on any device and screen size thus inviting more and more users to visit your website and widen your reach.

Through the links of social media to the website you can increase traffic on your website and make more people to visit for a longer time period.