What Are Programming Languages - Let's Figure Out.

3 years ago

Language has always been a top priority for communication and interaction purposes.

Like we talk in several languages including Hindi, English, French, Spanish, German and many more, it is a souce of communication to transfer our thoughts and feelings to some other person. 

But computer being a machine cannot understand this language, for which, a set of rules or instructions were created to run several programs which is known as programming language.

Programming language simply means language for programs, which computer processes and executes on the demand of the user.

"Programming isn't about what you know; it's about what you can figure out.” ~ Chris Pine

Programming language in simple words

Simply, programming language is a set of rules or instructions which the programmer (a person who writes programs) uses to enter data in the device. 

Basically, the language is of two types: 

  1. High level language (HLL) 
  2. Low level language (LLL) 

A programmer writes all the codes in HLL which is a user friendly language and it is used to write programs.

Whereas for the compilation of the code or program the computer used low level language which is readable by the computer hardware.

Use of programming language

Like we mainly communicate in English throughout worldwide similarly programmers communicate through programming languages.

Also nowadays programmers are in high demand due to their fluency and accuracy in programming languages. 

You do not need to learn so many languages only a basic language can fulfil the needs.

Some popular programming languages are:

  • Java: 

It is one of the most popular and used programming language in today's date.

It is used for building server side applications, video games, apps.

To learn android development Java is the core main language to learn.

  • Python:

Python framework is used for pretty much everything be it web apps or data analysis. Also, wordstream is written in python only.

It is regarded as the easiest language to learn.

  • Ruby:

Ruby on rails is a major language used for web development as it is easy to learn and it's demand is also high.

  • JavaScript: 

It is a bit confusing language yet another famous and easy language for web development. It allows developers to add their own creativity. Jquery is a JavaScript library which pretty much eases the work.

  • C++ :

It is an object oriented language. It is a famous daily purpose programming language used for system software, client sever application, embedded firmware etc.

The main companies which use c++ framework includes Google,Amazon, Morzilla, Adobe and many more.

Other languages include php, c, c#, html, css, swift, react, go and many more.

Database programming language 

The simple and easy database language available is SQL. 

It is a domain - specific language which is used to manage databases and modify changes in the stores data. 

Various tasks performed using SQL data base includes SQL server, Oracle, MariaDB.

It basically doesn't require prior programming skills but it benefits the programmers who have it.

A good programmer is someone who always looks both ways before crossing a one-way street. ~ (Doug Linder)

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are necessary to learn coding as it is the only means and the only language that computer understands.