Virtual Reality and it's Practical Uses

3 years ago

VR or virtual reality is one of the fast growing and multifaceted arenas of technology. It deals with environmental stimulation, this helps the viewer experience a situation or a location from the point of commencement in a 360° view. The addition of a proper audio makes the experience as real as it could possibly be. 

Since the birth of this interface it has often been used in several industries and institutions. This often involves a shift from the actual purpose it was invented for. Virtual Reality has been a boon to several industries, research, training, recruitment and even tourism. We may even come across a prime example of VR in our daily lives without even realizing it. Like did you know are now used for psychological personality tests ?

Here are 5 uses of VR-

1. Military Bases


The main use of virtual reality in military bases are for the preparation of combat. It is used for –

o inducing fight stimulations

o battle field manifestation preparing for emergency medical treatment 

o vehicle stimulation 

This prepares soldiers for the combats and real life situations in the near future. 

Treatment of PTSD 

War veterans often suffer from post traumatic stress disorder as a consequence of the dire situations they have been through. Virtual reality and augmented reality is often used to understand their interactions with the battlefield.

2. Healthcare Industry 

Virtual reality is making a huge difference to how people are treated and how medical residents are trained in their formative years. This can be helpful in bringing about a significant amount of change in the health care industry. However, nowadays virtual reality is used to – 

• Train medical students in virtually manifested operations 

• To treat chronic pain after surgery by the virtue of distraction, displacing the pain pathway 

• To deal with autism and asperger’s syndrome, with the development of new suits and mobile programs 

• Helps fighting memory loss in diseases like alzheimer’s and dementia 

• It can also help in fighting ADHD. 

Recently it is being debated that virtual reality can also be used instead of anaesthetics during a surgery. However, these possibilities have not been solidified and are still under severe scrutiny. 

3. Daily Communication 

With the advancement of VR, ‘face to face’ communication over social media is not a distant dream anymore. 

So it is not long before meetings, trainings, interviews and other events can be conducted through the virtual stimulation without much of a hassle. 

Virtual Reality can also help both long distance business deals and relationships more viable and possible at the same time. 

4. Police Departments 

Not only can virtual reality be used in the military bases but it can also be used in the regional police departments and task forces to prepare officers and fight crime.


Regular fight stimulation in academic circles to prepare policemen for real life situations, hostage stimulations and medical emergencies.

Crime scene Reconstruction 

VR can be used as a powerful forensic tool to solve a typical ‘who done it’ .

It can help in the restoration of crime scenes without multiple visitations. 360° models and active technological training can even help in fortifying circumstantial evidence to solid proof that can be presented in the court of law. It also helps – o A more insightful survey of the scene 

o Blood analysis and possible location of source 

o Trauma analysis 

o Accurate determination of the tool used to bring about the damage.

5. Architecture and Interior Decoration 

VR is one of the most potent forces in these two fields as it can enable the engineers as well as buyers to visualise their property and spaces. It can help design mock ups and collaboration to build a more wholesome space. 

• It can help 3D floor planning and blue printing

• To check on a design for a particular setting

• Avoiding time consuming revisions in a space.

Potent practical applications of Virtual Reality or VR are present in abundance . This technological advancement can be used for a number of creations and rationalization of situations, spaces and minds. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a computer generated, three dimensional image which can help in interaction with the environment.

It can provide scope to a number of fields and locations.