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Covid-19 pandemic has likely forced many changes in our everyday life. The same is also true for businesses of all sectors, who once had to adjust with the market necessities and now are put into a slow race due to the outbreak. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, much of the global economy has grounded to a halt.

But there's one industry, that hasn't slowed down due to Covid-19, but have shifted to a high gear because of the sudden demand for remote working and digital transformation. Yes! That's IT Industry! The IT Industry has profoundly changed by the crisis. The upskilling, rethinking and developing of the minds are going to take business technology to a new trend. IT Industry is likely to transform as a result of Covid-19 crisis.

A Look To The Emerging Trends:

As the recovery takes shape, India will witness important shifts in economy and functioning for a better and sustainable future. Here are five emerging trends that are believed to transform IT sector post Covid-19:

  • Defining The Future Of Work: The Information Technology Enterprises will mainly focus on new ways of working and enhancing virtual work support systems by engaging workers with right amalgamation of expertise and experience to achieve their goals. Not only this, the IT sector is also planning the new norm of working from home. The WFH Model- well suited for business continuity and agility, will become more resilient on the part of the enterprises. In the near coming future, for efficient communication and collaboration, investments will shift from real estate to newer technologies. This will make the remote working more encrypted, functional and productive.
  • Cloud And Data Will Sit At The Core Of Digital Transformation: Digital Transformations is spurring due to Covid-19 crisis. Every CIO is focusing on the business priorities due to Digital Transformation. In coming times, Cloud adoption and Data will see an up going graph. According to a recent IDC survey, 64% Indian organizations are expecting the increased demand of Cloud Computing while 46% are agreeing with Cloud Software. Moreover, Corporates are planning to take a more pragmatic approach for their business to grow effectively and efficiently.
  • Ensuring Security Post Covid-19 Pandemic: Working with Multiple devices is the new normal. Therefore, Data Security is always an essential need to invest for enterprises so that it can ensure that data and information are not compromised. In coming times, cybersecurity will go mainstream, which facilitate protecting the main data to refrain from financial setbacks. According to Data Security Council Of India (DSCI), there will be a growth of $7.6 billion in Indian cybersecurity till 2022.
  • Upskilling Digital Education And Training: Online learning is considered as the new norm of learning. Even after Covid-19 era, there will be an upskilling in learning and corporate training through online tools. Further, employees will get a chance of experimenting and developing various methods to promote new online strategies. Companies will craft a talent strategy for employee's critical, digital and cognitive capabilities, their social and emotional skills, adaptability and resilience. They will also invest in the learning and reskilling budget so that it can in return strengthen companies.
  • Upsurge In New Users Of Fin-Tech Platforms: Digital Adoption is witnessing a propelling due to collaborative environment and dynamism. A recent report from NPCI revealed that digital payments have rebounded in the month of May, with transaction volume in UPI, FASTag and Bharat Bill Pay exceeding March month levels. As noticed, there is an acceleration in digital adoption due to Covid-19. That's why, according to the country's Digital India initiative, there will be an upsurge in new users based on age, business, category, etc.

A whole different IT environment and landscape is expected as a result of coronavirus pandemic. The IT sector is aiming at more-far reaching than anyone can now imagine, with long term ramifications that nobody would expect.

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IT stands for Information Technology sector.