Top 5 best cloud computing projects for interested beginners

3 years ago


Cloud computing is the delivery of different systems and services through Internet. It provides us with faster innovations, flexible resources and economies to scale. It involves delivery of servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and intelligence. The best everyday example of a cloud computing service id Google Drive which has different apps and features for viewing and managing files in IOS and Android.


  1. CHATBOT: It is a kind of artificial intelligence which helps companies to interact and communicate with their users or a human when he/she visits their websites. It helps to increase the dimensions of marketing, interactivity, communication and frequently keeping in touch with the customers. It is one of the easiest cloud computing projects to work upon. There are two popular basic models of Chabot: Retrieval based and generative based.
  2. CLOUD BASED ONLINE BLOOD DONATION CAMP PROJECTS: It is an online blood donation maintenance system which acts as a central point for various blood deposits. It can store details regarding blood type, date of storage and storage place or area. It can also include patient details and contacts for getting blood at times of need. This application is vital to check the details of the desired blood depositor. It is one of the easiest cloud computing devices to build.
  3. CLOUD BASED SYSTEM OF BUS PASS: It is a cloud based computing services which helps consumers or bus riders to book online tickets anytime. Often the website crashes due to heavy traffic load which can be solved by cloud computing. It solves many complications like the tickets being mispriced or stolen. The consumer can pay the bill for their e-tickets online via credit card, master card, net banking or online wallet apps. It also helps in reducing the long queues in kiosks.
  4. CLOUD BASED EFFICIENT STORAGE AND ENERGY: This application is a great boon to the users as it helps in improving the overall cloud computing system by utilizing the storage space at its best. Usually, the cloud computing system's full storage space and resources are not efficiently used by the user. Some of the resources are occupied with hidden and unnecessary data which the user is not aware of. This project helps to remove those unwanted data and makes it completely available for the user. It improves cloud system to a great level.
  5. RURAL BANKING SYSTEMS: Those kind of computing devices is quite efficient for fulfilling the gaps in the banking sector and is a huge booster for economic activities. It keeps people from all corners connected to banking and provides then the facility to transact their business without going to the banks. It also helps in keeping rural folks informed about the recent developments in the banking era.


  • Virtualization
  • Linux
  • Security and disaster recovery
  • Web Services and API
  • DevOps
  • Containers
  • High level programming skills

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you like it or not, but storing data in cloud can be viewed and accessed by all unless you go for a zero knowledge provider.

Cloud computing opens up plethora of opportunities for you like software engineer, software developer, JAVA developer, cloud engineer, data engineer etc.

Once your data arrives with Google, it is encrypted in order to keep it secure within its own cloud servers. Google uses 128-bit AES encryption for all data that is at rest. Although this is not as strong as 256-bit encryption; it is still considered future proof for the time being