Top 10 Websites To Learn Programming

4 years ago

Programming has been widely common among the technical geeks and it is something that the developers learn to develop applications and webpages. People often go for learning it through distance learning or through online tutorials that could provide them with class resources to learn to program. Here are the top 10 websites to learn programming from. These are:

  • Coursera- Coursera has grown into a great educational company that has offered various introductory programs and courses in various specializations from many universities such as the University of Washington, Toronto, and Stanford University. It offers courses, online degrees, and specialization in various fields. It provides both free and paid services. Some of the programming courses that it offers for free are  Algorithms Part 1 and Part 2 by Robert Sedgewick Machine learning by Andrew Ng These courses are really helpful because it has been curated by reputed companies like Google, IBM, Amazon, etc. The subscription gives you unlimited access to guided projects and professional certificates. 

  • It is one of the best places for online learning with great online courses to learn from. It offers the latest programming language courses like Java, Data Structure and Algorithms, etc. like Coursera it also provides both free and paid services and resources to learn online. Some of the useful free resources are Introduction to Python Programming Easy to Advanced Data Structures Java Tutorial for Complete Beginners

  • Tutorialspoint- It is an online tutorial website for aspiring computer programmers and developers. This amazing website provides various tutorials on different programming languages that you can learn from the website such as Python, HTML, Perl, Java, C, C++, etc. It is good for someone who loves to code and do programming and for that this website provides rich learning tutorials and videos that could be beneficial for the beginners. 

  • Studytonight- Study tonight is a platform that teaches various subjects and programming languages online. It offers deep insight into subject topics and programming. Some of the topics include Java, Python, Game development, Scrum, Apache Cordova. This online website offers tutorials in simple language and which is convenient for even beginners to understand well in detail. They provide tests and practice exercises that can gauge your understanding. These tests and exercises help in better revision. 

  • Code Academy- This website offers tutorials on various programming languages like C++, Java, and Python that are available on the website for both beginner level as well as intermediate-level programmers. The lessons are so easy to understand and grasp while covering all the basics such as syntax, classes, and functions. It also makes available practical learning by allowing the learners to run code directly on its website. 

  • Web Fundamentals- It was launched in 2010 to counter HTML5 by Google. This site offers the richest learning tutorials, resources that you won’t find anywhere else with the latest HTML5 updates. It is open-source and you can play with HTML5 code. However this site offers advanced or intermediate courses, so for that, you need to know the basics of programming before getting your hands into this website. You need to have relevant experience and a little bit of learning about what you are going to learn over there on the website. 

  • Free Food Camp- This website offers learning made easy HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Node.js, and many other languages by networking and joining the community of professionals and students who are keen to learn from each other. You can even work together and learn from each other about various techniques and tips and tricks that you didn’t know before. You can together with other coders and learners build your own apps for free here. So, you are free to learn and grow here while solving real-life problems and building skills.

  • Khan Academy- Created by the educator Salman Khan in the year 2006, Khan Academy is one of the free online learning platforms that are available to the coders and programmers to learn through step by step tutorials, videos, etc. You can learn how to do animations, develop games using JavaScript, or learn how to create webpages and web design development with HTML and CSS. There is a special ‘’Hour of Code’’ designed to teach students one hour of Computer science and computer programming. So this dedicated course can be a gem for students who have just begun to learn to program.

  • EdX- Founded by Harvard University and MIT in 2012, it is a leading online learning platform that provides open-source learning instead of for profit. Hey, teach about the cutting-edge technologies and coding theories. They give a deep insight into the topics that are covered and include 53 schools around the world. EdX has a free and a great course about Introduction to Computer Science from Harvard University which is a blessing for beginner programmers. 

  • The Odin Project- If you are a beginner, then it is the best place where you can learn programming from the resources that are specially formulated for the absolute beginners. They have an in-depth curriculum designed that will make you a great web developer. The curriculum has been made that would make you learn quickly and easily through step by step process. It digs deep into HTML and CSS. The Odin Project is for anyone who wants to work and build a startup and all the tools are provided over here. 

There are thousands of courses available on various sites on the internet but these are few places or websites that provide class resources and are good for both beginners to programming as well as to the ones who want to learn advanced programming. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Coding means writing code for web or application development and programming is a process of developing a platform that is an executable program. Coding is just part of programming.

Programming is a course that requires apt proficiency and through proper learning and practice, you can learn it.

Easy to advanced data structures and Java tutorials for complete beginners are the best and most useful resources available on Udemy for programming.