Top 10 Websites To Learn English Grammar

3 years ago

English is the most second common and widely spoken language in the world. People often go to search for improving their grammar to earn a better command over the language. There are ample learning resources available online which can help you and provide an aid to have better command including proper grammar learning. Some of the materials are so good that can be beneficial to you in terms of learning ahead and also provide distance learning by simply downloading the material to study as well as practice exercises. Here are the top 10 websites to learn English grammar easily and quickly. Take a look.

  • Oxford Modern English Grammar by Bas Aarts- It is the most precious and efficient tool for any learner to learn and enhance the language control on them. It makes people understand how deeper the language is and how it can be learned with ease. It has both British and American English language explanations and also differentiates between the two easily. They are capable of making people learn the easiest and complex English Grammar with ease. People who have a steep learning curve can try this course offered by Oxford.

  • Grammar Monster- You can find everything from basic to complex grammar learning and general errors that you might make in your daily life while speaking or writing English. It gives quick and detailed information that has to do with grammar learning. It has short tests and exercises that you can do to make better learning of the language. This website offers certain sections which focus on several areas in grammar individually with proper exercises and follow up exercises also. For having better learning and practice along with it you can go to this website. It is good to learn English for beginners. 

  • If you want to increase your language skills in English then this website can be a good option for you. It offers various tests and practice exercises that can keep up with your learning and you can easily practice it. It also offers a variety of glossaries for English. If you want to learn English through classes then this is not the right platform to learn through classes and thorough explanations. It is just for the purpose of exercise and tests that you can do daily or weekly as per the module arises. 

  • British Council- It has a long tradition of helping people for many years to learn English grammar around the world. They have a full package of classes, glossaries, explanations, games, practice exercises, and quizzes also which will make learning exciting and quick. It is an excellent source of learning for the people looking for proper learning facilities online and with all such tasks and practices that will keep their learning better with regular practice. It increases the proficiency level of the people looking out to learn English grammar. You will find yourself in a very good and enthusiastic community. It provides all the tests in a very fruitful format of learning and you won’t find anywhere much more information than on this website. 

  • English Grammar Secrets- They include all kinds of exercises including all topics individually. They keep all topics separately for each topic so that nothing misses out. When you have learned enough theory of the particular topic then you can test yourself and enhance your learning abilities and increase capacity. 

  • Waiting Forward- In writing forward blog, you can find ample of grammar tips, separate section of grammar tips and rules. The blog offers various advice about writing and from plotting to publishing and giving great advice about content writing in blogs and other various platforms. 

  • 5 Minute English- It is designed for the purpose of nonnative speakers and is not an optimum place for learning English for the people who have no idea of English. They make up quick and useful lessons but lack in the proper style of educating language to the people. They cover one of the trickiest language parts along with fun exercises to do. 

  • Daily Grammar- It is a fun l, convenient way to learn grammar. Anyone needing to polish their grammar can go to this website for quick learning and various tips and tricks in speaking and writing in English. It offers 500 plus lessons and free quizzes and English grammar tenses to test your knowledge and learn in a fun way. You can do grammar mastery through Daily Grammar as it is really very helpful in providing apt knowledge of English. It is the best way to learn English online. 

  • FluentU- It is one of the best websites to learn English through fun ways as well as speaking aloud all the pronunciation. You can look for videos and games which are fun and amazing ways of learning and grabbing knowledge. You can also try a free trial which will give an idea about your future subscription. 

  • Grammar Ninja- Learning grammar through games is what feels you exciting. You can now learn English grammar by playing games and learning in between. If you get bored with lessons then go and opt for grammar ninja for learning made fun exercises and games. It offers the best English learning games to any other website.

So, these websites can help you learn English in the knowledge-based assessment as well as through fun ways.  You learn English fast through these websites. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way you can learn is through exercises and daily practice as a regular practice is the key to learning better.

Grammar Ninja and daily grammar help you learn English in a better way.

FluentU is the best website to learn and practice English.