Top 10 Udemy’s Best Courses Of All Time

6 months ago

Since the advent of the new millennium and the transition into the 21st century, there has been a substantial change in our lives in terms of everything. From our ways of communicating to our means of entertainment, everything has witnessed unprecedented growth in the last 2 decades. And what is to thank for that? In my opinion 2 things. First the speedy advancements in technology for everything & our willingness to explore newer horizons in our older ways of doing things. 

Let us take education for example. Technology has helped us transform the ways in which we teach, learn & implement our learning. From the regular book & pen to the modern videos & PDFs and from physical places of study to a digital space available at your convenience. Digital learning is shaping our future into a new era of awareness, outreach & opportunities. And so today we have bought an article for you in which we'll tell you about some of the best subjects to learn digitally on one of the World's biggest online learning platforms, Udemy.

So without further ado let us take an overview of Udemy and then look at the 10 best and most popular Udemy courses for you. 

About Udemy

Udemy inc. was founded by the trio of Eren Bali, Gagan Biyani & Oktay Cagler in the year 2010. It is a MOOC provider which stands for Massive Open Online Course provider. In simple terms a place that offers a ton of educational and training workshops to working professionals as well as students. It is a well renowned and trusted institution from where thousands of people have already gotten their desired training & courses on a vast number of in-demand skills and subjects. It has its HQ in San Fransisco, California in the United States.

The proof of its name in the e-learning industry is its user base which was about 52 million as of 2022. And it is constantly attracting new people to join their courses and move up in their lives by gaining much required, industry-specific as well as personal skills. It has many hubs all around the world in leading countries including one in Gurugram, India.

Udemy stands out as one of the best online learning platforms due to its variety of modes of learning as well as a spectrum of courses, which are closely curated to match the industry standards. The top selling courses on Udemy are not only very good but also quite affordable for large strata of the population around the world.

Best courses on Udemy 

We have tried our best to check all the boxes in respect of the representation of almost every field of study in the industry & mind you that these are also one of the top-selling courses on Udemy. So let us see the most popular courses on Udemy.


I do not think I need to give an introduction to python if you are a computer science student as it is mandatory to know it and even important to know it very well. But for those who are hearing about it for the first time, it is an advanced programming language that is used to create websites, applications etc. it is one of the most coveted programming languages in this day and age.

Apart from just creating websites, it is also used to run data analytics and automate tasks. It is very adaptable to specific uses, thus it is a very demanded skill in the corporate world. Having a competent certification in python can be your ticket to landing a decent entry-level job in the IT world. It is among the many trending courses on Udemy.

Udemy helps you by providing beginner-friendly as well as specialised courses on python. It is one of the most enrolled courses on Udemy.

Web Development

Let us just say that if it wasn't for web development, we couldn't have published this article & you wouldn't even be able to see this website of ours. So in simple terms, web development is the process in which we create a website by the use of various tools. It involves aspects like web publishing, database management & programming. It is a very useful skill to have up your sleeve and in your resume too.

That is why Udemy offers a very amazing series of web development courses, which can enhance your knowledge about the subject as well as teach you important skills associated with it. So that you turn out to be a pretty awesome web developer in the future.

Graphic Desing & Illustration

Another buzzing topic of the current times and one of the most popular courses on Udemy. Graphic design & illustration has gained more importance over the period due to the rise in platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr etc. where people can share their thoughts and crafts in digital as well as visual form. It is in the arena of the most sold courses on Udemy.

Udemy offers a very likeable selection of courses on the topic that can greatly help you out if you are a person with a creative mind and a fan of digital art. You can work for websites, apps, and even offline stores too as a graphic designer or just start your little project and make it into something big.

Cryptocurrency & Blockchain

If you're looking for an opportunity to make big bucks or as the trend is currently becoming bankrupt (just kidding) then cryptocurrency & blockchain trading are the way for you. But it isn't as easy as it looks right? Trust me, I have tried to understand it too but have not been able to crack it still.

But if you want to be a smart investor and make a sound profit out of your investment ventures, then the courses on crypto & blockchain by Udemy are a good choice for you. They are beginner-friendly and will surely make a big difference in your trading life. It is quickly becoming a part of the most popular Udemy courses.

Investment & Trading

Now, if you're not into the highly unstable digital currency but prefer the more traditional and trusted methods for investing and growing your money then Udemy has you covered in that respect too. It has very detailed courses that would make you a better informed, smart & meticulous investor. The skills that you will learn here can duly help you in your investment practices as well as get you placed in the stock market industry. One of the best selling courses on Udemy.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is probably one of the most searched digital courses on the internet and I am not going to contradict this assumption at all because I have done it myself too. Digital marketing is slowly becoming synonymous with businesses, markets, producers as well as customers. Thus the need for digital marketers & knowledge of digital marketing is getting serious consideration. 

Now if you ask what is digital marketing? It simply means all the marketing activities which are done through digital channels, and methods to reach prospective consumers and render them the products and services of a producer. It has a bunch of different things to learn like search engine optimisation or SEO, social media marketing, google analytics etc. 

Digital marketing is one of the most sold courses on Udemy & those are specialised and detailed courses on digital marketing which can truly help you learn the craft of digital marketing and get a very good entry-level job as a web developer or a blogger or both. 

Photography & Video

Since the inception of portable and then mobile cameras, the art and science of photography have taken a great shape in the minds of common people who love to capture beautiful moments in their life casually as well as those who are passionate to discover the world through the lens of their camera. 

Udemy provides very nice courses on photography as well as video making which can be very fruitful for turning your passion for capturing life’s beautiful moments into a full-time profession or a perfected craft as well. Which is a contributing reason for it being one of the most enrolled courses on Udemy.

Game Development

Gaming is certainly the best activity for recreation ever invented by man & there are no second thoughts about that. We just love to game, I mean a lot too. Thus there is no shortage of big and small games available to us in the market. And you know what is also in great demand out there? The need for game developers to make those games a reality. 

And if you also have a passion to create games rather than just playing them then you should think about learning about game development. Thankfully for you, Udemy has got you covered in the respect as well. You can enrol in their various courses on game development and start your journey to make the next bestseller.

Business Communication

This is another very in-demand skill set in today’s world. Effective business communication skills can make or break an institution. Thus it is a thing that is of deep interest to recruiters while hiring for roles like sales executive, managers etc. 

Udemy has nicely curated courses to help you master the trade of business communication and build a better and corporate ready you. It can also help you a lot in your ventures like a business.



Blogging is still a very popular form of publishing content on the internet, even in the day of sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. the importance of blogging is quite high. Blogs are quite necessary for businesses & very helpful to individuals too. Thus knowing the skill of blogging can open up so many doors of opportunity for you.

Udemy offers very likeable courses on Udemy to kickstart your journey as a blogger for a website, institution or the mastermind of your project. 


I hope you guys loved this article and found it enlightening too. If so then please provide us with your valuable feedback. And we hope that you find suitable courses for yourself & get ahead in the world by learning important skills and getting your dream careers. Best wishes from us & see you soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

No, udemy is not a university but a digital learning portal with onlin-only courses.

udemy has over 130+ esciting and industry specific courses to offer.

absolutely not. Udemy has lots of courses related to other fields like business, art, personal development & teaching too.