Top 10 Best Web Browsers For PC/Mac

7 months ago

There was a time when the internet used to be a very complex place. Both in understanding it & reaching it. The first years of the internet looked so different from what we have today, that an average person may not even recognise it upon seeing it. But then, like all things in life are. There came a revolution in the world of computing when the first web browser was introduced in the early 1990s. Let us just politely say that, this invention changed the internet forever, period.

And thus in a sense of gratitude and respect for the invention, today we have brought a list of the 10 best web browsers for mac/pc. But before we embark on that, we’ll have a peek at some other parameters like the qualities of an efficient web browser, the essential features etc.

What makes a browser good?

First & foremost, it is speed. The pace at which a browser can deliver search results, open multiple tabs, handle demanding applications & download files. In today’s age of super-fast internet speeds, a web browser is also supposed to keep up with the same.

Then there is optimisation. Meaning the best use of the available resources in a system i.e; system memory and storage. Nobody likes a power-hungry, memory-hogging web browser. As it only clutters the system and leads to dissatisfaction.

Then comes the options of customisation. Today, a good browser is that which is dynamic to the requirements of its users. Meaning that it can be transformed by its user according to their requirements. The customisations can be add-ons, tools, apps, extensions & stuff like that.

Now last but not least, privacy & protection. It is at the heart of a modern web browser to have necessary privacy components, settings & additions to save its users from malicious content and suspicious activity on the internet.

So now that we know what to look for in a good web browser, let us finally see our best web browsers for mac/pc.

Google Chrome

I am pretty sure a majority of you are reading this article using this very browser only. Such is its identity that it hardly needs any introduction. Chrome is not only one of the most used but one of the best web browsers for Mac, PC, Linux and even Mobile devices.

A lot of its success translates from Google’s crown as the World's biggest search engine and the rest comes from its continued reliability, user-friendliness & utility features that are available by default in it. It is in every respect a great browser. It works efficiently with older versions of operating systems but its true worth is seen in the newer versions. It is the best web browser for windows 10 by all means & the same goes for Mac as well.

I cannot imagine my daily life or professional life without Google Chrome & I'm positive that I am not alone in that boat.


Opera browser is second best to Chrome for a valid set of reasons. And those reasons are, that it provides a well-rounded experience, and fulfils all the above-mentioned requisites of a good browser. One of the most striking features of the Opera web browser is a feature called flow. And it enables the user to seamlessly transfer data from their mobile to their pc thru internet connectivity. It can be very useful when working on both mobile and desktop at the same time.

Another great feature of opera is that it has a native ad-blocker & a native VPN feature as well that can be enabled to work by default on all web pages or just for private tabs. It comes in handy when you quickly need a secure & untraceable online session. With browser integrated apps like Instagram, telegram you can expect some serious productivity from this browser.

Apart from that it also has customisation options like extensions, plugins etc. Overall it is a solid alternative to any other browser you use as well as it is a worthy browser to co-exist with other browsers on your pc.

Microsoft Edge Chromium 

This browser came into existence as the replacement for the notoriously bad Microsoft Internet Explorer as the default browser on windows os in the coming days. And to say the least, it made its birth justified. This browser is chromium based meaning it has almost identical features to chrome and other chromium-based browsers. Which makes it effortless to get used to and get the most out of it.

Although experts have deemed this browser not a very good choice for the privacy loving people as it has very limited options for it. But something that it shines in is online shopping. Reviewers all around have praised this browser for its effortless, simple and dedicated shopping features.

But the best thing about it is that it works amazing with the new versions of windows viz; windows 10 & 11. As it was designed to be the default browser for these versions of the operating system. So even if you do not have any other browser installed on your Windows 10 device you will still be able to effortlessly do everything on the internet, business as usual. Easily the best browser for windows 10.


Now what to say about this beautiful browser. Let us just say it is that one thing in your life that you should always keep near you no matter where you go or what you do. It is an all-in-one, efficient & privacy browser.

Firefox has all the usual features that you are used to on any given browser. The customisable homepage, plug-ins, themes, extensions etc. but has some special perks of its own. Like the multiple picture-in-picture mode that lets you play multiple videos at the same time. Imagine that for multitasking & productivity. It also has a very efficient across device sync feature which again, boosts productivity.

Overall it is a one-stop shop for all your browsing needs if you want to give it a shot.


Safari is the default web browser for macOS & IOS devices and for a long time it was exclusive to the Apple ecosystem but for a brief period, it was also available for windows os too. Although it lasted only a few years. 

If you talk about the performance of this browser on apple devices then it is up to the mark. It works seamlessly within the apple ecosystem and if you are one of those ‘only apple devices people’ then you may not need another browser for your needs other than this. As it is tailored for working with apple’s operating systems it gives you the worth of your money.

It has a very minimalistic design, aesthetics are also very neat plus the privacy that apple ensures. One other subtle reason to use safari on mac is that it is more energy-efficient than any other browser.

Brave Browser

This is yet another example of a goal-oriented product and the goal is user privacy & fast-paced but safe browsing. Brave browser delivers on what it promises and thus it secures a sweet spot in our list of best web browsers. 

Although we can easily classify it as the best private browser too. And while we are on the topic of privacy, let's discuss its main feature which is active ad-blocking from websites to give its users a more enjoyable & clean browsing experience.

Apart from that, it is a chromium-based browser that means complete parity with googles services and chrome web store support. You should try this browser as an auxiliary to your main browser for more serious or sensitive tasks.


What happens when bright minds from a very successful company come together to start their venture? It is either a success or a catastrophe. Thankfully in the case of Vivaldi browser, it was the former. 

This browser was created by two former executives of opera software. And thus it shares many similarities with opera. But don’t mistake it for a clone of opera at all. It has some unique features that make it a worthy contender in the market of web browsers.

Puffin Browser

Puffin is another great example of a well-made browser for fast browsing and enhanced privacy. It is the most used & talked about browser privacy enthusiasts.

One of the key features of puffin is that it loads the webpages on its very own cloud server rather than on the user’s device. What it does is that it mitigates the risk of a cyberattack on the user’s information.

It is one of the most trustworthy browsers for you if you are a private person and even if you are not. Puffin stands as one of the best privacy browsers for sure. Some people even consider it to be one of the most secure browsers out there. 

Torch Browser

Well, this one is a rather interesting browser on our list. As it serves a lot of purposes at the same time with its inbuilt tools and features.

The most amazing feature is the housing of dedicated torrent support which is not available for most mainstream browsers by default. Plus the one-click download option for media is also a productivity enhancer.

It is a fun & useful browser that you can try out.

Opera GX 

Now we have saved the most unique and most futuristic browser for last for a reason and the reason is its own tagline “gaming browser”. Sounds a little unique right? And trust me it is too. Right from the homepage to the built-in features, it does not fail its purpose at all.

It is considered to be the best gaming browser and there are genuine reasons for it. Starting with its CPU and RAM utilisation. It uses the system’s resources as less as possible to boost the gaming performance of users at all times. This is a very big problem with many browsers. Along with that, it has Discord and Twitch integration in the browser for a seamless experience. The bonus is a sincere ad-blocker and VPN. which also makes it one of the fastest browser on our list too.


We hope that you liked this Top 10 article about the best web browsers for mac/pc. Let us know in the comments if you think there are even better browsers out there so if we make another top 10 on this topic it comes out even better. See you soon with a new one very soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

if you are looking for a complete google experience, with integration of your android device. Then chrome is the browser for you.

yes you can download it for your windows 7 pc.

opera browser comes with ad-block & VPN inbuilt thus it is quite secure.