Top 10 Best Productivity Applications For PC Users

6 months ago

The computer has been able to ease our tasks a lot. It has been ale to help us in various kinds of work. More importantly, it has become a part of our office schedule. Various tasks are now being done online. All of these are putting more pressure on us. It even requires us to be more productive and efficient in our work.

So today let's have a look at some of the best applications for PC. These apps help in improving productivity. They also have many other advantages.


It is one of the finest malware detectors for PC. It is one of the best productivity apps you will find today in the market for safety precautions. We do have a lot of files on our PC. While working, it is difficult to keep a track of safe files. In such situations, Malwarebytes helps. It detects the affected files and warns us.

Internet Download Manager

It is one of the best download managers for a long time. It especially helps when we have large files to download. The designers who have to download software of large file sizes often struggle. In places with bad network connectivity, the large files often fail to download. But IDM helps by providing pause capability in most cases. It is one of the most essential apps for your PC and Mac. It also helps by downloading the files in several parts. Lastly, it compiles the different files in one file.


It is one of the best free alternatives to popular MS Word. It offers all the features which one needs from a basic word document editor. The best part is that it is completely free for various platforms. It also supports various platforms. Since it is open-source, it also gets updated frequently.


It is a free messaging platform. It is built by keeping in mind the conversation needs of a group of people. It even gives the flexibility of creating different channels. It is one of the most recommended and best productivity apps on various tech platforms. It has a free version. The free version has limited options and is meant for a group of up to 15 people. Integration with many software is also possible.


It provides the feasibility of handling several social media profiles. If you are a social media handler and want some help, then this is the app. It provides you with the option of connecting several profiles. It also gives the option to schedule and post on several different social media platforms.


It is for those who are easily distracted by other work. Social media lovers will like this website as it allows you to keep an eye on your usage pattern. It is one of the best Mac apps for productivity for lazy people. It helps in creating schedules for different websites. It will alert you to the usage patterns which you will set in the app. It is available for free. But the paid version will provide you with even more options.


It is one of the best software for avid writers. You will have the opportunity to write and this software will take care of the grammar. It will alert you for spelling mistakes, wrong punctuations and many more. It has a free version which gets the job done. But there is also a paid version. The biggest advantage of such essential apps is that they are available for all the major platforms.


Pandemic gave rise to many habits. One of them was the online meeting. We now have various platforms which help us in getting our meeting-related work done. But Zoom is the one which gains the biggest popularity. It has also been able to improve a lot in terms of the functions it provides. It is free for all. It is available as a standalone application for many platforms. It also provides the option to join a meeting without creating an account. But the interested people can also create an account to join or host a meeting. This way they can improve their productivity by using such productivity apps.


It is one of the best bookmarking software. It offers the option to save the webpage that you like and read it later on. It even offers offline reading capability. It is available free of cost. So sync option is also available for you. It offers the basic plan for free. But there is also a subscription-based plan.


They know all software on the list. It has been the favourite for many rights from its early days. It is used by software developers to share their work with the world. This productivity app has the option to collaborate with your friends on a project and work together. It provides the immediate update for all the files which is uploaded on it. It is completely free.

So these are some of the best apps that one can u to increase productivity. Instead of making your life more complex, now you have the option of increasing your efficiency. This way you will be more focused on your main work. There are several other productivity apps like Pomodoro timer and many more. Such apps can help you in being more successful in your work. This is mainly important while you are working from home.

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The apps mentioned in this article are all perfect for Windows users.

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