Top 10 Best Coding Platforms For Students

2 years ago

The computer science field has progressed a lot. We all are now surrounded by various kinds of advancements in the computer science field. Among all the important fields coding has become an integral part of this field. It has helped us achieve the targets which were previously difficult for us. Now we can automate several things. Various job fields have been able to automate themselves. There has been immense use of coding in various fields. There are various applications which we can use for many purposes.

The schools are also teaching students the basics of coding at a very early stage. Some of the best coding platforms for all to explore. So let’s have a look at some of the websites which provide a great code learning platform for students.


It is one of the most visited websites for coding enthusiasts. It has various options to improve coding skills. You can take up the 30-day coding challenge. There are various coding practice questions from various programming languages. Many hiring challenges are also conducted on this website. So there are various opportunities to even get hired by good companies. There are various certifications and badges also that can help you get recognition among the best coders. It is one of the best online coding platforms for all to explore to learn.


it is one of the most widely preferred websites used by coders. There are various tutorials, guides and practice options to learn new coding skills. There are various great quality learning materials for coders. You can learn a new programming language at your own pace. There are also various certifications for many kinds of technology and programming languages like python and machine learning.  


It is one of the most preferred websites for coding lovers. It offers tutorials for various kinds of programming languages. Be it C, python or C++ or any other language you will find materials related to them on this website. It is one of the best platforms to practise coding for beginners as well as advanced level coders. All the young and new coders must have heard of this website. You will be able to easily understand any concept along with examples of code on this website.


It offers a good platform for you to learn coding. You can learn various kinds of languages on this website like C, C++, Ruby and many more. There are various exercises for practice. There are various stages which will be unlocked one by one. To reach a higher level you will have to complete the previous task. This way the interest, as well as engagement of learners, will increase. It can be considered the best platform for competitive programming. There is an option to interact with other coders/ learners on the platform. This way you will be able to learn about new ideas from others.


On this platform, you will have the option to work on a project. This way you will learn the real-world applications of a code. You will even have the option to discuss your progress with mentors and other learners. There are various kinds of projects with different levels of difficulty. You can practice and learn various new programming skills on this website.  


This platform offers various kinds of learning opportunities. It can be considered the best platform to practise coding. It has various tests and challenges to improve your coding skills. It offers various levels of questions to practise coding. There are also contests and competitions through which companies do hire competitive coders. There are various options and programming languages that you can learn and practice on this website.



It has some of the best learning material for beginners. It provides various options in the form of quizzes and contests to learn new programming languages. There are various programming languages and technologies that you can learn on this website. Some examples are C#, Python, HTML and many more. There are various practice questions to learn to code. You can learn new coding skills on this website by practice.

Stack Overflow

It is one of the best platforms for clearing out your doubts and practising coding. You can answer questions from other learners. You can even learn by practising the questions which other users have posted online. There are various kinds of questions from various programming languages.


On this website, there are various projects already uploaded and visible to the general public. You can even share your work and even ask others to contribute to your work. This way you will be able to learn various new skills in terms of coding. It is the best online coding platform to learn new coding skills and even improve.


This is not exactly a coding platform. But it has various tutorial videos uploaded on this website. You can learn about various kinds of programming languages. There are various videos of various difficulty levels available for all. It is completely free of cost. You don’t compulsorily even need an account to access it. All the features are free.

All of these websites are available free of cost for all. You all can simply access this website and learn new programming skills. You can implement your skills on these websites and share your knowledge with others. this way we can all learn to code easily.

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