Top 10 Best Antivirus Softwares For PC/Mac

7 months ago

Computers are important today. But due to their increased usage, we are becoming more and more vulnerable to attacks from various dangerous elements of the virtual world. To handle such problems there are applications which can help in protecting our data from unauthorized access. One of the main culprits for such bad situations is a virus.

Let’s have a look at some of the antivirus software which can help us protect our data.

Bitdefender total security

It is currently one of the best cloud-based antivirus software for all. Most of its processing is done on cloud services. This feature also makes it one of the best antivirus software. This in return helps in reducing the taxing pressure of various processes from running on our device. It also has a very clean and appealing UI. So using this software is very easy. It does protect us from various kinds of dangers like a virus, malware, and many more. Due to its cloud-based service, it also has a huge database of various kinds of threats from all across the world. It uses a mix of machine learning and artificial intelligence for all its tasks.

Norton 360

It is one of the most popular and widely used antivirus software in the market. It offers various kinds of services and protections from a large number of threats in order to be one of the best antiviruses. It uses the technology of machine learning along with heuristic analysis for detecting various kinds of threats. It will cost you around 800 rupees for a year of subscription. But rest assured there is also a free version with slightly fewer bells and whistles.


It is one of the most special entries on our list. It offers a high level of security and various kinds of features for Apple platform users. It is unique as it also focuses on apple users which is not the case with many antivirus software providers. It will cost you around 1500 rupees for a year of subscription to one of the best free antivirus software which also has a free version.


This antivirus provides the most basic, and easy to use interface. It has various usual features for security. But never get fooled by its simple appearance. It provides you with a high level of protection against viruses, ransomware, malware, and many more. It will cost you around 3000 rupees for a year of subscription for a group of 5 devices.


It provides various kinds of features to safeguard your device. It has all the necessary functionality of an antivirus. But it puts a lot of pressure on the processing power of the computer. It offers one of the best services for being one of the best free antivirus software. But it is a bit taxing on the hardware. It will cost you around 6500 rupees for the subscription of a year of protection for one device. But there are discounts for users who prefer multidevice and multi-year plans. There is also a provision for a trial version.


It is one of the most recommended antivirus software on the list. It also has a very useful and fruitful system optimizer. It will never slow down your computer as its processes are in the cloud. The services it provides are capable of beating any top-rated best free antivirus software for PC. It is available for all platforms. It will cost you around 5000 rupees for a year of subscription.


This antivirus software provides you with all of the required features. It also has the advantage of having the functionality of a bootable version. It can be installed on a pen drive for highly infected computers. It will cost you approximately 5500 rupees for a year of subscription. It also has a free version for normal users.

Trend Micro

This software will provide you with one of the best services. It is one of the most recommended software when it comes to internet security as it provides one of the best performing browser monitoring options. Performance-wise it is one of the best free antivirus software. It will cost you around 1600 rupees for the beginning options.


It has one of the best working system optimizers along with malware detectors. Malware is becoming very common now as more and more people are downloading files from the internet. It also provides identity theft protection in some parts of the world. It also has all the features which you expect from antivirus software. But there is a caution for youngsters and other curious users that it doesn’t provide the functions of a VPN. It will cost you around 800 rupees for a basic plan or subscription.


Last on the list is an old-timer. It is at times considered one of the best free antivirus. It has been around for quite a long time and provides one of the best operations in terms of malware protection. It does provide excellent protection against malware and many other internet related dangers. But other than that, it doesn’t have other bells and whistles of other antivirus software. It will cost you around 3500 rupees for a year of subscription of protection against malware and other internet threats.

So these are some of the best options you have currently in the market in terms of antivirus software for the safety of your precious device. One way or the other, these options will provide the extra layer of protection along with the inbuilt security options of your device.

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