Tips To Crack Logical Reasoning Puzzle Questions

3 years ago

The only section in the competitive examination that evaluates the candidates’ critical thinking ability is the logical reasoning questions. Its questions are based on image reflections, patterns, number sequences, and shapes. Here, candidates have to pick the correct solution and leave out the irrelevant data while solving Logical Reasoning questions. These types of queries are mostly asked in competitive exams like banking, SSC, and many others.

Logical reasoning puzzles assess the lateral thinking of candidates and broadens the cognitive ability. There are many study materials to prepare for the same, but few of the candidates don’t know the correct approach to solve logical reasoning questions. So, next time whenever you start solving them, follow these effective tips to crack.

How to prepare for the logical reasoning questions?

Not only intelligent candidates can crack the Logical reasoning questions. Here, we mentioned a few easy tips and tricks that can enhance the individual’s performance. Candidates can follow them while facing issues in solving such questions.

  1. Practice shape or diagram-based questions. It develops the IQ level and candidates can score excellently in these questions by regular practice. Also, there are Syllogism Reasoning questions where candidates have to draw out the conclusion from given different statements. Many sample questions and study materials are available for better preparation.
  2. Incorporate different strategies or tactics to solve particular questions. For instance, there are different types of shape-based questions in the examination. Some may ask about the differences while some may ask you about the missing sequence. So, for every question, there should be a different solving approach.
  3. Put extra effort to understand the question and eradicate irrelevant data from it. Examiners set question papers to confuse you putting extra data into the question or making complex questions. You have to emphasize a single concept and stick to one solution only. Write what is important and don’t get confused with the question’s language.
  4. Few queries have in-built clues, try to find them. Find similar patterns or structures that help you deliver an accurate solution. Spot out the relevant information from the question. For instance, there is a shape-based question that asks you the upcoming shape in the following pattern. Try to find the similarity in the given sequence and then deliver the solution.
  5. Time management is very much important. You all have limited time to solve questions and complete the examination. If you lack in solving all questions in time, marks will deduct. Don’t spend much time on one question. Move on to the next one, and spare out time for the unsolved questions.

Steps to solve logical reasoning questions

●      Focus on the actual data: Each question has primary and secondary information so candidates have to focus on actual information and stick to it. As mentioned above, extra information may confuse students. So, while solving problems keep both of the information in mind as they are interconnected to each other.

●      Negative information: Few logical reasoning questions have negative information. Candidates must eliminate it and don’t put extra effort into it.

●      Don’t ignore secondary information: Every sentence will have relevant data that gives the clue to solving questions. These are useful and give a general idea about solving the problem.

Wrap up

Logical reasoning questions are very crucial for many competitive examinations. For first aspirants, who don’t have the basic idea of solving such puzzling questions can follow this post. These questions are trickiest and confuse many candidates. Adding to the blog part, we recommend you first arrange the data in the tabular format. They are based on shapes, blood relations, inequalities, series, and arrangements.