Things Your Website Is Missing

7 months ago

Have you ever visited a certain website where you could not find the information you were looking for? If you are also a business owner and lack such crucial information on your own website and lose traffic because of such small but important things then you must include them very soon and update your website accordingly. You need to know what drives people to leave a site so quickly. What are the elements that your website lacks and reduces traffic on your website! 

Here are 10 missing things that you need to incorporate on your website.

Appropriate And Fresh Content:

Content is the main thing on any website which seeks attention of the visitors. A good content is always informative and should tell about the products and services you are offering correctly. Make sure your website is resourceful and should give the visitors what they are seeking for. Do not write long paragraphs. The content should be enough which should describe all the things you want your visitor should know about your brand or company. Build that credibility with your clients and visitors of your website that they should know what you are serving to them and talking about. 

If the content on your website is not up to date it can confuse people and gives bad impression on the customers. So, make sure that all the content such as pricing, review and other information related to the business should be updated at regular intervals. 

Contact Information:

Some of the websites lack vital contact information and location of the company. You need to know how important it is to put your company’s correct information and details about the mail and career options you are providing. It should have proper information on the homepage of your website and it should be easily accessible which is important. It is recommended that you provide a specific page of the website dedicated to this only. Although people visit your homepage first so they search for the contact there which helps in maintain traffic to your website. 

Websites should have proper information about the email address, company’s location, (if there) and phone number from which the customers could reach. 

Social Media Information:

A brand or company should always state the social media they are on currently on their website. This creates more engagement and traffic. This way you can gain visitors to your website as well as it can directly take your visitors to your social media handles for more traffic. Social media is all about quality content and apt information about your product or service that you are currently offering. 

Social media provides channel to communicate to your clients and potential customers. It also proves as getting recommendations to your brand. You must always put the link of the social media accounts in your website. Social media is an effective way of digital marketing with a proper digital marketing plan to adopt through social media like Facebook and Instagram. 

High Quality Original Pictures:

In most of the websites company puts a generic photo which is related to the brand but that is a wrong way of presentation. The pictures or the visual content is the first thing that visitors notice after the layout of the website that how friendly it is to access everything. So, all the photos should be of high quality and should be relevant to your business. They should reflect the essence of your brand and should communicate visually. 

You should hire a professional photographer who should be responsible for clicking images which depicts true sense of your company. You must also include the pictures of the team you are working with. It creates a good impact on your visitor’s mind that you take care of your team members and hence will take care of the needs and enquiries of the customers also. 

Brand Story And Logo:

You must always put short videos to your website depicting your brand story and the type of products and services you are offering. A brand story gives a perspective to the visitors about how creative you can be. This can make you stand out from the crowd and your website will look professional. Often companies miss this feature which is highly important to create brand connectivity. The about me page or the brand story makes a professional website.

The about us section is as important as other pages and builds trust and reflects culture of the company. All the company and brands should have a decent and a nice logo which is the first image of your brand. A logo should be designed professionally and should find synchronization to your brand. The tagline should tell about the company in short and effective way. 

Up To Date Information:

People love to see up to date information on your website and all the details related to the upcoming launch or information about what next the company has planned to do. So you should always maintain your website and update it regularly for the customers to notice that how serious you are towards your business. The website should also be changed regularly according to the need and it should continuously evolve. The homepage design should not be the same you had 4 or 5 years ago. It should undergo change for being into competition. 

Responsive Web Design And Easy Navigation:

In this era, almost 80% people surf using mobile phones or tablets. So, you need to make sure that the website should perform as it does on the desktop. Thus, a desktop version should be available on the mobile phones for easy navigation. Also, Google ranks the websites that are mobile friendly and the website should not be slow in speed which leads to bad user experience. 

User experience is crucially important and the navigation should be easy because the customers need to understand the website and it should be convenient for use. You must always put yourself in the shoes of customers and then plan to design the website accordingly.

Blog Section:

Every business should have a blog section on their website. Every business owner could talk endlessly about their business and about the things they do for their customers. Pick out the topics that are valuable for your customers and also put industry news on it to keep customers abreast. You need to become a trusted resource for your customer and to build the perspective you must add on this section. Include articles and FAQs which can be proven as helpful for your customers.

Strong Search Engine Optimization:

It is more likely that prospective customers will search for the keywords into the Google search engine optimization and if your website doesn’t come under top 3 you are losing out your potential customers. So, here comes the search engine optimization. SEO specialists must know how to promote the site and rank it to the top ranked pages and build traffic on your website. You need to be found on the internet and that is why SEO marketing is very important. Search engine marketing is widely prevalent and is really important for any website to grow. In internet marketing strategies seo marketing is really important. 


The customers who purchase your product and be satisfied with your service often put reviews on the websites and that review you can put directly on your website so that the new customers get an idea about the product and service. This can be a good reason for success of any website because many customers would want to see how the previous customers liked the product and what their reviews are. It helps in digital marketing of your products and services without the help of advertising agencies. Thus testimonials are also a part of e marketing where you can get attention of potential customers.

There can be exceptions but these are the common things a website lacks. So, analyse it now because a website is instrumental in your success. It should obviously get the attention you always wanted.