Technologies that are or might prove to be Destructive

2 months ago

“Everything has a price.” This quote is not unheard of. The fact that this saying applies to each and every aspect of life or other things is amazing. The recent technological advances have made life simple for us in many ways. People are now relying on them more to manage their day to day tasks. However, not all of these technologies are good. In the name of development, a lot of countries have developed a lot of weapons that are very destructive in nature. They only refer to these as for the protection of their people but we never know what might go wrong. Crimes have also increased considerably as compared to earlier times. The criminal organizations have started using these gadgets and machines made for our own welfare against us.

Here, is a list of some technologies that are or can prove to be harmful in the near future –

1.   AI Cloning – AI cloning is among the many amazing technologies today. It involves deep learning programs and algorithms and can be used to manipulate already existing photos, videos, and audio. Though it is claimed that this is to be used for research and investigations but we never know who might start meddling with this. Now just think about this, a lot of your pictures and videos are already there on the internet, so you can be at the risk of AI cloning. If a proper check is not kept then this technology can be used to alter the evidence when it comes to law and order.

2.   Face Recognition – Many companies and other offices are now using facial recognition. The employees are required to scan their faces for entry in some specific rooms here. The technology is good and ensures security at a higher level. However, if someone with ulterior motives gets access to this technology then your data is not secure. Think about it, you probably have face recognition for opening your smartphones and social media. Now, these can all be tampered with.

3.   Smart Dust Technology – Smart dust devices are wireless devices just the size of a sand grain. They are used with sensors and cameras and have the potential to record and track everything. They are a great asset when it comes to military or medical services. They can be adjusted almost anywhere without anyone noticing. Now, this technology can be tampered with. If it gets in the wrong hands it can be spying purposes. There would be an invasion of privacy. Even your own house wouldn’t feel safe.

4.   Drone Swarms – Drone swarms are a fl3eet of drones equipped with heavy artillery and are not manned by anyone. The idea for this was derived from how insects attack in a swarm. These drones have the ability to think, analyze, and then react. They are going to be used for military purposes. This is efficient as it saves human lives from being put into danger. Countries are still developing this project and they are yet to be implemented. This technology can prove to be a threat as the drones will be functioning on their own. If they take a wrong analysis then it could cost a heavy price.

5.   Smart Home Devices – Everyone thinks that smart home devices will make their house even more equipped. These devices respond to your queries and are linked to your house’s systems. However, they can be used to spy on you. They can keep track of your daily activities, even what shows you watch on Netflix. Your go-to places and other information can all be stolen.

Thus, these were some technological advancements that might prove harmful to us. The solution is we do not need to rely on them completely and need to keep a thorough check on them.