Steps To Design Your First Website

3 years ago

Designing your website is a very tedious yet important task to start on your business. Website design and development is a crucial stage of your company and it should reflect what your brand is all about. Small business website design is dependent on all they have to offer. Especially homepage design should be according to the brand. Here is how to set up your website in the few steps mentioned. You can also hire to build a website design for you.

  • Choose Domain Name: This is the first step for making your website is to find a domain for your website i.e. URL/brand name that your website will be known by and will be found by the people searching for it. Once you have chosen a plan from the set of options available then you will be asked to add information you want to add. Domain privacy can be added to keep your data private or confidential from the public. Finish the registration process and your website existence is ready to add up your theme and content further. You will be taken to the domain selection page where you choose a domain and assign it to your blog. 

Choose a domain that is:

  • Easy to spell 
  • Short and decent
  • Go with .com, .org
  • You can include your name
  • Avoid numbers or any other symbols

  • Install WordPress: After finishing the registration process and having built your name for the website, the next step is to install the software that will give power to your website and allow you to blog or sell products. WordPress is very easy to use and can manage your website with little technical knowledge of how to make a website. It is a cool website editor that allows you to design your website your way. WordPress powers one of the most named websites like Microsoft News Center, BBC America, etc. It offers flexibility in terms of customization, management, and functionality which helps design your website with all sorts of ideas that you have in your head. Add your credentials which will give you full access to your website including uploading images, blogging, or offering products and services in case of e-commerce web design of such websites. You can easily create a website from scratch to a professional web design site by following a few steps on how to build a web page for your website. 

  • Choose A Theme: You need to make your blog look more attractive and professional for the ones who will be visiting your website say your potential visitors or customers. Your website needs to be simple and attractive and it should go with the theme of the idea you have thought about. Use the theme and you can customize professional-looking themes as well according to your ideas. Themes make your website unique and allow specific types of content and look that can be different from any other website and also will keep people for longer hours on your website. Make your content stand out from the rest. You will get four options while building your theme on WordPress:
  • Buy a professional theme
  • Choose from the free themes that are there on the WordPress
  • Use customization tool
  • Hire a website designer to make one for you

A good website design requires website design ideas by the designer and accordingly, you can customize the theme. The best way to create a website is to design a professional website design that has a unique theme based on your ideas.

Theme design companies that offer such cool web design services are StudioPress, DIYthemes, etc. 

  • Define Your Website’s Existence Purpose Or Strategy: Before you jump ahead of something make sure that you have a strong purpose and you need to be clear on the website’s purpose. Before knowing your industry and defining our content you need to know what your USP is. Once you are clear with your purpose you can shift action towards your visitors. Understanding users essential is for your business. Small business website design is beneficial for them to do website design and development according to their needs. 

  • Research About Design Trends: You can search for the design trends that are prevailing and what can go with your ideas of design. Web trend is an important factor that you must look into as well as what your competitors are doing. Look into the styles that you can apply which fit your theme and industry. Think about the color theory which suggests emotions, a sort of feeling that you want your potential clients to feel. You also need to adopt patterns that align with your theme. You can also think of micro-interactions through GIFs, emoji, and comment sections that can inject a website with some personality. It can increase scrolling, and clicking on the website. Chatbot option is also one feature that you can look for. 

  • Decide On The Branding: When you are designing your website make sure you are thinking everything that relates to your brand and not putting what you like. From color scheme to font size and style, everything should go with your brand and tell the brand story. One such thing about building a good website design is to make the homepage design attractive. Color scheme matters a lot and tells about your brand image and story very clearly and becomes your signature color for your brand. It can boost brand recognition. For example, Facebook uses the color blue for all its purposes be it logo or interface. People can easily recognize it through color. There is a lot of psychology in color. Most brands have 2 or 3 colors in their logo. 

  • Font Style And Imagery: Font has a big impact on the look of your website and you need to drag the visitors with an appropriate vibe. So, use classic fonts that are professional such as Arial or Helvetica. Playful brands may go for quirky fonts that relate to the identity of their brand. You should avoid using Comic Sans font unless it is for kids. Images should be of high quality and should be your own photographed picture. Visual content is really important for increasing clicks and engagement. Do not overload your website with images as it will look cluttered and may slow down the website speed. 

  • Positioning And Optimization: In this step, you are required to research on reading patterns of your consumers. People usually consume content in ‘F’ format. Build navigation bars that should be displayed across the website. Search engine optimization is when you make changes to your website to increase the quantity or quality to rank better. It is hugely affected by images and responsiveness. 

  • Mobile Responsiveness: It is the last step that you need to take care of. Making your website responsive is very important to get ranked on the search engine. The website should be made mobile-friendly to fit various sizes of mobile phones so that people should have easy access to open a website on their phones. 

These steps can lead you to how to set up your website or design a web page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Companies such as StudioPress, Elegant themes, DIYthemes offer webpage themes.

Purpose such as blogging, ecommerce, education, lifestyle, photography, etc is some of the topics on which themes are offered.

WordPress, Type Pad, Wix, Tumblr help build the website.