Scope And Career Options For Data Science

4 years ago

What is the study of Data Science?

Data Science is the study of mathematics, business, artificial Intelligence, technology, machine learning techniques and algorithms. It offers a lot of scope and opportunities for its learners to gain an in-depth knowledge of study about technology data and beyond.

  • Scope of Data Scientist

A data scientist has a large scope in the field of tech world and beyond due to its interdisciplinary subject studied in data science. Continuous evolution in technology and generation of huge amounts of data have led to high demands for Data Scientists in India as well as abroad. Data science provides a lot of scope for future to the individual pursuing expertise or degree in data science. The scope can be seen in every field of world. Today, with the emergence of new technologies and tools everyday, the need for data scientist is growing immensely especially in abroad. Data scientist maybe the most trending career options for many today and he number of people enrolled in data science study has increased in India and abroad with the large scope and opportunities in view. One with experience and skills can even have a scope of working as a data scientist in prestigious places like NASA, Tesla and much more companies. With a wide range of scope, an individual with data science degree and expertise cannot be unemployed for sure with the knowledge and skills as well as the emerging importance of technology and science.

  • Career Job Options for Data scientist

An individual with data science degree is sure to have a lot of career opportunities with many prestigious Institutions or companies. Data scientist can work across a broad range of areas such as finance, scientific research, information technology, e-commerce, and much more. The annual average salary of Data Scientist ranges from INR 7 to 10 lakhs. They are usually paid higher according to their skills and experience as well as the degree they pursued. The number of job opportunities for data scientist is expected to increase in the coming years due to continuous change and need for technology. The job opportunities in data science are available not only in India but abroad too which is why many students even prefer studying the course of data science abroad for better opportunities. Jobs in data science are considered to be prestigious due to its wide scope in career aspects. Therefore, data science as a career is a lot of advantages and benefits that comes with it.

  • Types of Jobs in Data Science

There are different types of job roles in the field of data science offered by many companies. Some of them include;

  1. Data Scientist
  2. Data Analyst
  3. Data Engineer
  4. Machine learning engineer
  5. Business analyst
  6. Data and Analytics Manager
  7. statistician

  • Future of data science in India

The future of data science as a career in India is huge due to its continuous growth in the world of tech and science. In India, most people pursue the field of technology studies due to its wide scope, not only in India but abroad. Data science is expected to grow and develop than today in the future accompanied by rise in demand for employees in this field of work. With the skills in data analysis, programming, and application of science in the study of technology, the future is quite bright and much more is expected in terms of data science study.

Frequently Asked Questions

IIT is the best Institute to learn Data Science in India.

Definitely yes, because data science offers a wide range of opportunities as a career aspect in many work fields with high paying job roles.