Remove china App is trending on playstore in India

4 years ago

Recently a App named as Remove China Apps is trending on Playstore in India because of its claims to remove each and every Chinese app form your mobile phone, this app is free to download and was released on 17 May 2020. It is developed by OneTouch Applabs which is an Indian tech company form Jaipur, only in few days this app completed 1Million+ downloads with excellent rating of 4.8 from users.You can download Remove China App from playstore.

The tension between Indian and Chinese army on border and the role of china in Corona virus Outbreak forges fire of Anti-Chinese sentiments in the Indian people, You can see the impact of this situation on Social media apps where everyone is spreading awareness regarding the ban on Chinese products and services, you will see messages floating on Whatsapp to develop anti-Chinese sentiments and completely stop using Chinese apps and products.

As the name suggest Remove China Apps is tool to identify and remove all the chinese apps form your smartphone simply by Scanning your smartphone, On startup it will scan your device and then provide you the list of all removable chinese apps with uninstall button on each app. By clicking on uninstall button you will get rid of all chinese apps but keep in mind it will not delete the pre-installed Chinese apps of your Xiaomi, realme or any other Chinese branded device because for deleting the pre-installed apps you need root access for your phone, hence it is not possible to completely delete all the chinese apps.

This app is targeting the revenue of Chinese app company and also protecting your privacy because of allegation made on chinese apps of sending your valuable data to chinese government. It seems easy to uninstall chinese apps or completely ban chinese products in India but it also have major consequences on Indian economy and daily lives, for example PUBG is a chinese app but in India the major part of IGC(Indian gaming community) is dependent on this game and there are many streamers who earn from streaming PUBG Mobile, it is a hard decision for them to completely ban chinese apps.

Mobile companies like Xiaomi and realme who assemble their smartphone in India and claim their product as Assembled in India,if we stop buying these products or smartphone, many people will lose their jobs which will impact Indian economy. So it is not easy to completely ban chinese products in India because at this time we are not that capable of developing affordable technology and services, It will take time to become self dependent (Aatma Nirbhar) India.

Now if you uninstall chinese apps from your device, you will need replacement apps for them, here is the list of popular apps with suitable substitute app.

Best Chinese App Alternatives

1.Files by Google instead of Shareit:-

Shareit is the most popular and used smartphone app in India, it is a chinese app developed by Shareit technologies. You can use Files by google in order to Share files and apps, it is light-weight and also add free. it is the perfect replacement for shareit.

Download link of Files by google.

2.Microsoft office instead of WPS office:-

Wps is also most popular chinese app with over 1.3 Billion download, it is developed by Kingsoft Office software Corporation limited. Microsoft office is the best replacement for WPS office, you can access PDF,documents, spreadsheets and many more from this app.

Download link of Microsoft office.

3.Adobe Scan instead of CamScanner:-

Cam Scanner is also a chinese app developed by INTSIC Information Co, Ltd with over 380 Million download on playstore, you can use Adobe Scan instead of CamScanner to scan your documents and books.

Download link of Adobe Scan.

4.Google Chrome instead of UC Browser:-

UC browser is extremely popular in India with over 500 Million downloads, this app is owned by Alibaba group of China, it is accused many times for stealing your data and sending it to the chinese government, this app is also loaded with tons of vulgar adds and news. I recommend you to stop using it instead of this you have google chrome which is the best browser with no vulgar adds and annoying notifications, It is fastest and lightest web-browser available right now.It comes pre-installed on every android phone.

5.Triller instead of Tiktok and Likee:-

Tiktok is highly popular app in India with over 1 Billion downloads, this apps is the most alleged app because of safety concerns and inappropriate content. likee is similar to tiktok which is also a chinese app with inappropriate content hosting.

Triller is a best alternative for these apps, it is developed by California based company with similar features and better security. you will get all lip-syncing features and other effects to make short videos.

Download link of Triller.

6.Norton App lock instead of Applock:-

Applock is the most popular app in playstore which is also a chinese app, it is developed by DoMobile with over 50 Million+ downloads , you can use Norton App lock instead of this app for customizing your lock screen and completely secure your device.

Download link for Norton App Lock.

7.Proton VPN instead of Turbo VPN:-

Turbo VPN is a popular VPN app on playstore which is a chinese app, you can use proton VPN instead of this app to secure your privacy and enjoy seamless internet surfing.

Download link for Proton VPN.

These are the alternative of most popular Chinese apps, you can download these apps and protect your data and privacy from chinese app companies, it is not easy to suddenly stop using all the chinese apps but we can make this possible slowly and smartly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes this app is safe to download, as there are no security flaws or bugs are present currently and this is developed by Indian tech company OneTouch Labs

No, it will only remove the installed apps from playstore because to uninstall pre-installed apps from a device requires root access.