How YouTubers or Influencers Are Leveraging VFX

4 years ago

We all are somewhere thankful to movies or tv series for giving us the experience which we can never have in our real life. Mainly the effects used during action scenes in movies are created by using visual effects. Do you know what are visual effects or VFX? 

What are VFX?

VFX is known as visual effects. It is a computer generated imagery which is added to a movie or a video at the time of editing. It is actually an integration between actual footage and the imagery created because either it is too dangerous to shoot or it doesn't exist.

Visual effects are not same as special effects. Special effects are mainly realistic and are created on sets, like the gun shooting or volcanic eruption or explosion. Whereas visual effects are created off sets. 

Examples for visual effects includes, jumping on the stars and planets with the speed of light, or a spaceship flying through stars in star wars. Another one could be the dragons flying through the sky in game of thrones. 

Some common VFX software's are : 

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Mocha
  • 3Ds Max
  • Nuke
  • Maxon Cinema 4D

Some companies of VFX are: 

  • 4th creative party (Korea)
  • Adobe Systems Incorporated(San Jose, CA)
  • Base FX (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Bird Studios (London)
  • Anibrain( Pune, India)

Video Animation

Animation is a process by which images are manipulated to appear as they are in motion. Earlier they were drawn through hands or paints on separate sheets which when flip together used to appear in motion. But today animations are created by Computer graphics.

Types of animation 

There are many categories of animations but majors include: 

  • Stop motion animation: It uses series of photographs to create the effect of animation. One such example is The nightmare before Christmas.
  • 2D animation: It is majorly done by the ancient method like drawing by pencils and paper or through modern technology like Adobe animate and toons. It is less in use nowadays.
  • Motion graphics: They are generally used in marketing strategies or promotions but they do not depict any storyline. 
  • 3D animation: It is the advance version of 2D animation and it makes it more presentable as if it was exists in the real world. It is created by Computer graphics. 

Animation software's 

Many people as well as professionals uses the wide range of software's for different types of animations.

Some of the software's include:

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Animator
  • Unity
  • Maya

VFX effects in YouTube videos

VFX has created many impossible scenes possible in movies. It has opened many ways to think creatively and portray something unique through vfx. 

Youtube is another platform for showcasing various skills, many vloggers or video editors make a very productive use of vfx in creating various effects. But the question arises how to they add it? 

First of all there's no need to feel afraid or intimidated even if your novice. 

There are plenty of resources from where you can learn the tutorials which might help in learning vfx. But I would like to recommend some tips for it. 

  1. First of all one should know the computer or the device he/she is using to edit the video using vfx. The computer must possess more processing than a basic video editor. It should contain a powerful GPU, good RAM and a pre made setup with some basic composting techniques.
  2. Secondly, you must have a good editing software which can perform the following tasks: 
  •  Capable of blending modes.
  • Read the files with alpha channels.
  • Offer masking options.

If you have an installed video editing software like iMovie, or Final cut, After Effects, HitFilm Pro, DaVinci they all can help you out in VFX editing.

For some more ways to learn VFX editing you can use the following links: 

Hopefully they will be helpful to learn VFX editing in videos.

We all are familiar with the situation that whole world is facing right now i.e. Covid pandemic. In this pandemic due to the excess time or the banning of several applications or even many YouTubers who used to make travel vlogs are unable to go out so all of them while editing their vlogs use VFX.

The major example with which all of us can relate are the popular gaming channels streaming on YouTubes. They use the green curtain for shooting where the effect is produced or displayed. 

Some Indian YouTubers names includes: 

  • The flying beast
  • Carryminati
  • Tanmay bhatt

Some famous VFX artists who can inspire you are: 

  1. VFX Bro
  2. Final Cut King
  3. Surfaced Studio

How can brand leverage from Influencers

Brands create content which is promotional but they always need ways to target the correct audience for which they need someone who can attract a huge amount of audience.

These people are influencers as they are famous among many people and can easily target many audience. 

Brands manage to be an eye catcher through internet by providing advertisements but what about advertising through Influencers on internet.

People blindly follow the trends set by the influencers specially the young generation, they are highly interested in what they wear, what they use, what they eat which is a plus point for many brands out there to easily collaborate with the influencers in the maximum sale of their products. 

VFX Technology Growth 

So much have grown in technology since the last decade. Many Hollywood movies uses the concept of vfx in creating sci-fi movies. Many Bollywood movies the concept of VFX.

Majorly since the last 5 years the industry is growing rapidly. It is also providing many new job opportunities. 

Whatever the technology is what we should always remember is handling the technologies will care can only protect us from it's disadvantages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

VFX is known as Visual effects. They are considered as the imagery in motion which is majorly created by advanced 3D animations.

Vfx is majorly used in final editing of movies, Web series, TV series YouTube videos etc.