How To Get Hired As a Graphic Designer

4 years ago

Graphic Designing is a competitive field where every individual needs to be competitive and updated with the graphic design jobs and freelancing. There is a huge career growth in terms of designing and for that one needs to be skilled in practical knowledge and software skills. People often ask How to start a career in graphic design? How can I become a graphic designer? The answer is simple you need to brush your skills, do freelance works and be creative because in this field there are lot of people who can be more qualified than you can possess better skills and ideas but to become a graphic designer you need to know how to grab an opportunity for being hired as a graphic designer. Job sellers often seek for designers who are intended to be a fit for the type of work the company do. Indeed a graphic designer needs to know the following things which could help them in getting jobs in their dream companies.

7 Ways To Get Hired As A Graphic Designer

Graphic Design Portfolio:

A Graphic Design portfolio is the boarding pass to any Graphic design job. You need to showcase your best work samples that show your creativity and skill as a graphic designer. You can even customize a separate portfolio for the type of similar companies you are applying to. The recruiters who are looking for graphic designer wants to see the work the company is doing. Basically, you need to match your synergy with the brand/ company. Make sure your work is of high quality than quantity. Visual identity of graphic design should be reflected in your Graphic design Portfolio.

Constant work, graphic design projects and Internships can make your portfolio diverse and presentable. Resume along with the Portfolio needs to be strong enough to make you stand out and be unique from others.

Enhance Your Communication Skills:

A Graphic designer should possess great communication skills to make the recruiters understand. However, their work speaks louder than they could do but a communication designer need to be expressive just like their work. He or she needs to maintain interpersonal skills to connect with people.

Work On Your Software Skills:

Many people ask, what are the qualifications to become a graphic designer? The answer to this is you need to get a bachelor degree atleast in the field of graphic design. Companies prefer working with people who have acquired a degree. You also can work as a graphic designer online. But, you need to know Adobe Photoshop atleast to get hired as a graphic designer online.

You need to know about the softwares of your respective field of interest. For example, If you want to be a UI/UX graphic designer you need to know Adobe Xd primarily along with Adobe Photoshop. To become a Motion Graphic designer, 3d softwares like Maya, Blender and 3ds Max are the related softwares. To be a Graphic designer, vector softwares like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop is a must to start a career in graphic design.

Make User Friendly Designs:

It is a small but a very effective tip that a graphic artist or a graphic designer must design things which the layman can understand and which should leave a great impact on the minds of the users. Companies hiring graphic designers must look for certain qualities in their designs before hiring them.

Experience Learning Through Online Courses:

Online graphic design courses give you a perspective of how addition of few things in your graphic design portfolio can be a great difference to their work and experience. Even if you think that how to get degree in graphic design easily you can try these courses which could be really a fruitful graphic design for beginners. This is how you can start your career in graphic design without a degree.

Understanding Of Clients And Workload:

This understanding can be achieved through internships and gaining experience there. You come one step closer of being hired as a graphic designer if you have thorough knowledge of clients and have experience in handling workload.

Create A Professional Website:

This gives a good impression to the recruiter as it looks professional if you have your own website where your work is published and featured work is there.

What Are The Jobs That Can Be Done As a Graphic Designer?

UI/UX Designer:

As a UI/UX Designer your job is to make clumsy websites and mobile applications easier and user friendly for the people using it. This is an entire creative field just to avoid that clumsiness. This field is dedicated for making icons and infographics to prevent hassle and easy understanding of few things on the websites and mobile applications. A bad user experience can lead to reduction in users for that particular product or service. So a UI/UX graphic designer is hired for combating such issues and is paid really well.

There are various online design communities for UI/UX graphic designers and developers such as Dribbble, Designer News, How Design, UX Mastery Community, The Graphic Design Subdreddit, etc.

Make Impressions Through Freelancing:

Making good and healthy relations and contacts with industry people can widen your ways and can give you exposure to new areas that expand your horizon. Once you start freelancing on upwork graphic design section, fiverr, Toptal, truelancer, these online freelance graphic design websites you can explore to the core and through your work, you can make connections with design professionals. Also, you can update and build your graphic design portfolio and can get through new projects that can even lead you to a full-time job. Here are few quick tips to convert your freelancing into a full time job:

1.     You can ask the manager to work remotely if they are short of infrastructure (in case of small companies).

2.     Start working as an independent freelancer with a negotiation that if you are able to deliver good quality work to the clients and satisfy the company needs you will be offered a full time job there.

3.     Maintain good relationships with your mentor and manager and discuss about the opportunity of getting a work if the team is ready to take you.

Print Development:

Many companies hire graphic designers for making quirky prints to be attached to the products and few others hire them for making brochures, flyers and other paper design work. This is an upcoming job trend where a lot of companies hire graphic designers for such work. Also, this work is quite interesting.

Motion Graphic Designer/ Video Editors:

Advertising companies these days are looking for motion graphic designers to launch their advertisement and for that they require for such designers who have relevant experience in such field. This is considered as an exciting job and is really well paid. For example mobile companies such as Samsung, Apple and Xiaomi hire motion graphic designers and editors who can make such thrilling advertisements for their product launch.

You can be hired by adopting the above points and making sure that in this competitive field you need to stand out and shine by working smart and maintaining good relations with your peers. These are the key to survive and grow as an experienced graphic designer who is spontaneous and believes in steep learning growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Resume should be minimal looking and it should clearly mention all the experience you have and the skills that you possess. The color used should look professional.

Websites such as Udemy, Shaw Academy, Skillshare, 99 designs, Coursera offer online courses for graphic designing even for beginners.

An average freelancer salary could range from $21- $30 or even more depending upon the work they do.