How to get Amazon Prime for free l Free trial l Student account l No credit card l Hack

2 years ago

Okay, today I'm gonna tell you how to get Amazon Prime account for free for 30-days. Yes, you do not need to have any credit card for this. This technique is just a glitch and nothing to be called a hack. So, lets begin with it.

Step 1: In the Incognito mode of Google Chrome, search for

Step 2: Now, tap on the Sign In option on top right of the Chrome window.

Step 3: Select Create a New Account and then enter your details. (Make sure that your email address ends with others may create an error.)

Step 4: Now verity your account with the OTP received.

Step 5: Next tap on the Prime Video tab on the top left the Chrome window and select Continue sign-up on

Step 6: Now, it will ask for credit card details. For this, search for ONLINE FAKE CREDIT CARD and pick up any online credit card for free.

Step 7: In the next step, it will ask your address details, first select your country and then enter any name, address and phone number you like, yes it can be fake too.

Step 8: Now it will redirect you to Amazon's page saying Sign up problem. No need to worry, just scroll down and click on Try free Pay later option in yellow tab.

Step 9: It'll take a few seconds to process and finally your free Amazon Prime 30-days trial account is created.

Step 10: Now, open Amazon Prime in new tab and enter your same email account and password. It will ask you for your location and by default United Kingdom would be selected, select your location and enjoy using prime for next 30 days you can repeat same method as the trial ends.

So, this was trick to use Amazon Prime without spending any penne. Let me know any problems in the comments section. This technique works 100% for sure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Never use online fake credit cards for online shopping, as e-commerce websites like Amazon would block your account and may even launch action against you as this is a crime. It can just be used to by-pass the websites which asks for credit card to provide their services.