How is Amazon Binding You Into Their Ecosystem?

Imagine having an interview on the day after and you cannot find your necktie; what would you have done ten years ago? You probably would have been very nervous. Today, you just need to pick your phone, place an order on Amazon and it is on your doorstep the next day. Thanks to Jeff Bezos for founding Amazon in 1994 in the USA, which would eventually become the world’s largest online marketplace. Amazon is now a multinational technology company with its branches all around the world.

Amazon’s Vast Array of Products

  • Amazon’s product encompasses products ranging from most of the basic necessities of a human to the luxuries. This e-commerce giant which began as a marketplace for books soon included a wide array of products. 
  • Amazon sells electronic items like cameras, laptops, watches, tablets, speakers, printers, and accessories like earphones and earbuds, pen drives, fitness trackers, hard drives, memory cards, and much more. They have a different section for mobile phones and accessories. You get to be among the first ones to lay your hands on the new phone and accessory launches.
  • You can also buy larger electronic gadgets for your home like refrigerators and washing machines. 
  • The platform also has products on clothing which include shirts, t-shirts, pants, trousers, and shoes as well. Amazon has dedicated an entire tab named “Amazon Fashion” on its website towards clothing and fashion where you get to select from the trendiest styles of a varied range. You also find products on makeup, hair styling, and personal care on their website. 
  • The e-commerce platform also has a tab dedicated to books: new launches, bookmarks, fiction, non-fiction and other subcategories. Amazon launched ‘Kindle’ in 2007 which revolutionised e-reading. Users can browse, purchase, download and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media through wireless networks to the Kindle Store through Amazon Kindle devices.
  • Amazon did not skip the pantry section; in fact, it has a subsidiary for grocery items known as ‘Amazon Fresh’. This e-commerce giant also has products for babies! You can order anything for a newborn sitting at home. From baby food to diapers, Amazon has it all covered. You can also go furniture shopping online, on this e-shopping site.

Other products on this platform include industrial parts, bike parts, car parts, kitchen items, pet food, sports and fitness equipment as well. 

Amazon’s Ecosystem

Amazon Prime is an Amazon paid membership programme that provides consumers with access to additional services that are otherwise inaccessible or accessible to standard Amazon customers at a premium. Products include the same delivery, one or two days, and music and video streaming.

Amazon Web Services ( AWS) is an Amazon subsidiary that, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis, offers on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals , enterprises, and governments. A number of fundamental abstract technological technology and distributed computing building blocks and tools are offered by these cloud computing web services.

Amazon Alexa, also known as Alexa, is an Amazon-developed virtual assistant AI technology. It can interact with voices, play music, make to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, play audio books, and provide weather, traffic, sports, and news, in real time. Using itself as a home automation system, Alexa can also monitor many smart devices.

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker brand that was created by Amazon. Echo devices connect to Alexa, an intelligent, voice-controlled personal assistant service that responds when you say "Alexa." The wake word can be changed to "Amazon", "Echo" or "Machine" by users. In addition to providing weather, traffic and other real-time information, the device's features include: voice interaction, music replication, making to-do lists, setting alarms, downloading podcasts, and playing audiobooks.

Amazon Fire TV is a digital media player and micro-console line created by Amazon. The products are small network appliances that provide a wired high-definition television with digital audio and video content streamed through the Internet. They often allow users to access local content and play video games with the remote control or other game controller included, or by using a remote control smartphone app on a different computer.

Amazon provides users with tons of daily deals, buying options with no cost EMI options, exclusively app only deals, etc. On top of that Amazon also hosts Amazon Prime Days where they offer their products with heavy discounts which is almost impossible to resist.

Despite all the varying range of products and services provided by Amazon, it’s main idea is to bind the customers under one unified ecosystem. Amazon makes sure one’s life revolves around all the services offered by it. Amazon is integrated into a layman life in such a way that the same person becomes the product of Amazon himself. His/ Her credentials, details, likes/dislikes, music taste, books he loves, etc. becomes a data in their database. Using these details, Amazon makes targeted ads so that Amazon will be one step ahead to necessitate buying a product, even if you don’t need it.