High Priced Animations And The Reason Behind.

4 years ago

All of us have watched animated movie and some of us are still watching it. Even when adults are trying us not to watch them. This list is all about the expensive movies and the reason behind that budget.

Tangled-$260 Million

This movie which features Rapunzel and her evil stepmother. This movie is one of the most expensive movie Disney has ever made. The reason for this is that the storyline begins from 2000. The movie consists of both hand drawn and computer generated images.

Cars 2- $200 Million.

This movie in general had a very sublime plot line. But due to the success of part one of Cars. Nothing did happen great except the money spent on high octane animation.

Ralph Breaks The Internet - $ 175 Million

The success of the first part-Wreck it Ralph, made this movie even more better. The budget for this movie is more likely not known. But the speculations are mostly that the money was spent on having the Disney princesses. Also having huge names of multi million dollar companies name in the movie.

Toy Story 3 - $200 million

The final movie of the whole Toy Story which made all the adults teary eyed. It is one of the films that had crossed $1 billion in box office. Mostly due to the hiring of the most high paid actors and paying the most of the cash.

• Brave - $185 Million

Brave was the movie which was change from the regular princess who needs their prince in shining armor. This movie had so many issues with change in production house and change in story line is the reason why it costs so much.

Big Hero 6 - $175 Million

This is one of the movie where a comic based upon. Most of the budget was used upon creating the new technologies that has been featured in this movie.

Up- $175 Million

An old man, a boy and a dog floating through the sky by a house which is carried by balloons. This budget is due to the producers literally flew to the place to find out about the way to customize through their movie. Most of the budget went for getting to know a lot about balloons and creating and reviewing about the balloons.

Inside out - $175 Million

A girl dealing with emotions and struggling and trying to get through her day. All those tiny beings in their head and creating emotions arising around them. Most of the money spent for here is for the bright colours used here.

Coco- $175 Million

A boy who tries to do what he wants and discovers the undead family members. This movie is a box office topper. The money spent on it was mostly for skeletons and the lighting set used to show out in the dark.

Moana - $175 - $150 Million

This movie is all about a polynesian princess trying to save her family and her land back. Not like any previous princess movie, this one is fully computer generated and it took so much time to create the princess made out of leaves and waves.

Bolt - $150 Million

A television dog who actually believes his superpowers will work in real life after getting lost. This was the first movie which showed three dimension technology and also this was the first one to non- photorealistic technology.

There are still movies more to this. But for me this is the ultimate list of expensive movies and buzz behind it.