We are going to enter 2021 soon but before that we all have entered to a technologically advanced world, As artificial intelligence and machine learning are not only developed but also ready to be used widely on various platforms just like it’s use in Android. There various immersive technologies which are going to combine with Android app development. Even Smart phones are going to get smarter.

Android is taking its development to the next level by merging with augmented reality (AR)and virtual reality (VR) we are including its virtual positioning service (VSP)( this creates usual features in users surrounding. After all Android is a Google led platform. Android based devices are the most preferred devices after iOS. Android provides the best in very less value. The apps developed by Android is downloaded more than iOS. Google is trying every way to fill the gap between Android and iOS. So it’s trying to develop various apps. Android development sector has gone through many good changes this year. Now Android is not just limited to phones and tablets rather it is used in electronic devices such as game consoles,digital cameras, Portable media player,PC's televisions and other specialized user interface.Android has been one amongst the worldwide best selling OS since 2011. There are various other developments o app and other technologies that are done by Android.

Future of Android

The android’s share in the ace market is 85% or even more than that. Android is not just about a smartphone or a tablet it has almost acquired most of the surrounding in which we are living so the future is definitely going to be great with android and I think we cannot imagine our future without Android. It’s going to spread even in more domains sooner. definitely it has a great future ahead.

Developments  from Android

Certainly there are lots of development that can be done using Android. Just like developing an Android based function generator and Android based home automation system or even Android based Bluetooth chatting app. There is a lot you can do with Android and certainly there are a lot of things that it cannot do in iOS but only in Android.

Android’s usage and development of a country

Yes you read that right Android can be used it the development of a country just take the idea of railway level gate crossing we actually do not need a person or always the kid person on the railway line to Stan and show green or red signal rather this can be done with the help of a machine that can be developed by Android and that automatically closest opens the railway gate.

 Similarly the military spying and bomb disposal robot can be developed by Android. That awarded system will involve the use of a robotic arm along with a robotic vehicle that will allow military personnel to enter high risk area an extract or pick the desired object from the location the robotic system will also include night vision camera and recording.

Nowadays there are various so technologically developed restaurants and one of them is the restaurants that provide you with robots that are developed by using Android.

So using Android a country can not only become technologically advanced but also it can develop it’s armed forces and developing more awareness and it would rather make people more smarter and advanced.

Everything that we have is Android

You wake up in the morning and switch off the alarm set on your Android phone and you step down from the bed and go to switch on the TV for news and the TV is again Android you move out of the house and book for a cab using an app that is also developed by Android you go to your office,your school,you order for your food and that is also through app developed by Android you switch off your lights commanding through your voice that is also developed by Android the usage of Android has become vast.Now Android has more than 87% of the smartphone shipment in the ace market compared to that only 13.9% of the users use iOS.So is it not a vast difference?Indeed it is. Android has a lot more to make people visualize and experience. So let’s hope 2021 to give us a new revolution in Android OS.I think future with Android will be really great!

Frequently Asked Questions

YES,in some terms it is better than iOS.

No,they cost a bit higher but are affordable enough.