Enhancing The World With Code

a year ago

We've all seen a lot of science fiction movies where the main character goes on a mission and does something that always impresses us like hacking into an organization, coding into a terminal to complete a task, magnificent stunts, and many more things. Everything that shows advanced use of computers has always impressed the audience and, this fact has never changed. Everyone wonders, do those things happen in reality? The answer to that is yes.

Everything that exists in our computer system is thanks to an expert who worked hard for a long time to create that. Whether it is Microsoft office, or it is an entire operating system like Windows, macOS, or Linux, everything exists through a combination of words, characters, and symbols we call a programming language.

Through programming languages, we hold the ability to create whatever is needed to achieve a specific goal. Whether we want to create a website, a server, or even a script to hack into a computer, programming languages have our back. Now that we're here, here we're going to go over a few programming languages and their specialized nichè. 

  • Python

Starting with the most powerful and the most used language these days, python is something you should not ever take for granted. With so many extensibility and support for every possible platform, python proves to be the most efficient and easy language one can adapt and learn to achieve a goal. Python, being a multi-purpose language, provides an ability to develop various technical aspects, whether it is an ordinary desktop application or a tool that one can use to hack into a network. Python is one of the most conducive and preferable languages of ethical hackers across the globe.

  • C# or C-Sharp:

C# is renowned as a programming language that favors IoT developers. C# is another object-oriented language that surfaces with a vast number of libraries that a programmer can use to develop various projects, whether a windows form or an IoT device like an RC car using an Arduino or an entire firewall using a Raspberry Pi.

  • Javascript:

One of the most famous and underuse languages, javascript, has laid an impact on every developer. Everything that you see on the internet has a hint of javascript in it. Because javascript is a language that can integrate with almost every existing programming language, it is something a programmer should never overlook. With so many subscripts like React JS, Node JS, Pharma JS, Vue JS, and more, javascript can help develop anything, whether a website, a web server, a web application or even an entire web browser.

With more than 700 programming languages in existence, one can take many programming classes that can help reach the peak of development skills. Not just that, there are many dedicated programming schools or platforms that teach many languages with hands-on practicality. The diversity in programmers and programming languages is something that lays down many organizations to develop and provide many services like web app development, android app development, IOS application development, and many more.

Be it an accustomed application to listen to songs or an application that one can use to control an entire server that is in an entirely different continent. One can achieve this goal through a tool or interface which one can develop using a number of the programming languages available at disposal.