Digital imaging is radiology

4 years ago

Digital imaging in Healthcare is used widely from ultrasound to X-ray. It shows us the visual representation of the internal growth or organs. This technique helps to find any abnormalities and can differentiate between them.

Projectional Radiography

This is a low cost option to find out any deformities within the bones. Mostly used to check the bone density. It is also used to check the soft tissues within the rib cage, to check any deformities. This method is also used in mammography. This technique uses X-rays and electromagnetic rays.

Computed Tomography

A computed tomography uses X-rays along with computer to scan the internal organs of the human body. It is a bit expensive method too. This device takes multiple pictures of the part of your body in various angles. A computer creates a final internal image of the part. It is mostly used for patients who has got cancer, liver condition, emphysema and heart diseases. It can also check with internal clots in the blood vessels.


It is a device which scans the body with X-rays and the image is transmitted to the computer. The difference between the CT and fluoroscopy is that fluoroscopy does not need to take multiple images to create the final image. This technique is mostly done for people who are having issues with the gastrointestinal tract, urogenital tract. The disadvantages of this method are it might show skin damage if the rays are not set according to the patients requirement.


This technology is a harmless technique. This is mostly used by pregnant women. This method uses high sound waves instead of radiation. That's the reason why this is considered as the best way to ss a foetus. Can be used in biopsies. Also in tumor, cyst and circulatory diagnosis.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Magnetic resonance imaging is used as detection, diagnosis and treatment. This is done by using strong magnetic fields which forces the protons to align and produce an image. Most of the patients prefer MRI rather than a CT scan because MRI uses magnetic waves because it is less harmful than those strong X-rays. This is used for nervous system as it is clearer to see. But MRI is more expensive than the above options.

Nuclear Medicine

This technique is recently given method where radioactive particles are given in smaller amount so to examine the organ size and its functioning. Here X-rays as well as radioactive materials pass through which makes the image more clear than the usual imaging done by other techniques. Mostly used for renal scans, thyroid scans, born scans , heart and brain scans. One has to be very careful as the radioactive substances may stay in their body.