Different Types of Automation in Technology

4 years ago

What is automation in technology?

Automation is the application of technology inbuild in electronic devices and automotives making work efficient, quick and easy without putting in much force pressure of work or expertise. The emergence and development of automation technology dates back to when computer came into existence. Today, the world revolves around the automation of work in our day to day life. There are different types of automation in technology. Here are some of the best types of automation in technology.

  • Fixed Automation

Fixed automation is also known as "hard automation". It is an automated production facility with special purpose equipment and high production needs. It is manufactured and designed to carry out a set of operations with high levels of efficiency. For example: industrial robots, machine transfer lines in automotive industry, automatic assembly machine, and much more.

  • Programmable Automation

Programmable Automation is an automation for producing products in batches. The products are manufactured in batches ranging from dozens to thousands. With a programmable automation system, products can be produced efficiently and with the automation technology, saves time and increase production. For example: numerical control machine tool, industrial robots and much more.

  • Industrial Automation

The emergence of Automation In Industrial Sector has contributed to the growth of industrialization over the years. It has helped in manufacturing a large number of products for exports too, creating better trade relations and making industry produced goods available to its customers in a relevant price. Industries use a number of Technology in automation such as numerically controlled equipment, industrial automated robots, flexible manufacturing systems, computer-aided manufacturing, and so on.

  • Flexible Automation

Flexible automation is a flexible form of manufacturing products automatically. It is capable of producing a large number of products in a short time frame. Therefore, it's time saving performance is beneficial for manufacturing more products for the industry. It can also produce a multiple type of products at the same time in a short period of time. Flexible automation is used in many manufacturing industries due to its low cost in manufacturing, efficient production, greater labor productivity, improve quality and reliability.

The emergence of automation in technology has been beneficial especially for industrial growth and production, making life easier and labor productivity, saving time for the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, automation in technology will continue to grow and have more updates in the future.

Automation in Technology is used in a wide range of fields such as industries, cars, home devices, electronic devices and much more.