Difference Between Marketing And Advertising

3 years ago

Many a times people get confused between advertising and marketing and also they think that both of them are similar. But, to your surprise, they are not. Both of them are totally different. Both are used for promoting products but they are different from each other. So let us know the difference between the two.


Marketing is a way of promotion or selling of products using advertising. It is a process where you understand your customers and get to know what they require by building a good relationship with them. Companies reach up to the audience using the means of promotion. They promote their products and services by creating strategies to reach the target audience. Marketing is the main aspect and advertising is the branch of it.


Advertising a promotional activity which aims to sell a product or service to the target audience. In business, it can be a way to encourage, attract or manipulate the target audience. It uses mass media as a platform to promote the product or service. The messages in the advertisement are mainly paid by the sponsors and viewed over mass media like newspaper, magazines and even on search engines.

It consists of :

  • Name of the product
  • Selling price
  • How to get the product



There are various types of advertising in marketing. Lets get to know each on of them:

1) Social Media Marketing:

This is the most popular kind of advertisements till date. These are affordable and you get the option to choose your audience. These kind of advertisements can be seen on facebook, twitter or instagram. In this you get some ads or offers or carousel ads. These are mainly available on social media. Also called as SSM.

2) Pay Per Click:

This is also one of the best ways to earn through advertisements as in this as someone clicks on the ads the advertiser gets paid for each click the ad receives. These are also called clickable ads or ppc ads. For ex as you search something there are some websites where you see different ads and as you click on them, you are redirected to their site. So each time you click on the ads, the advertiser gets paid for it.

3) Outdoor Advertising:

This type of marketing is seen outside the houses on roads like billboards, metro stations, bus stands, outside movie theaters etc. These are a way of promoting the product when people step out of their homes.

4) Direct Mail Marketing:

This type of marketing is the one in which you receive emails of different companies promoting their ads by showing them on your email using brochures, newsletters etc. Such as an advertisement is possible only if you show up your creative skills in designing an ad for brochure.

5) Broadcast Advertising:

In this type of advertisement, companies use mass media like tv and others. As you watch an episode or movie on television, there is a break session where you see different kinds of ads like that of banks, soft drinks or online coaching apps. All these kinds of ads are referred to as broadcast advertisements.

6) Mobile Advertising:

Mobile advertisements are those ads that you see on your mobile phones or tabs. These ads can be in the firms of videos or image, like when you watch a video on YouTube, there are some ads that pop up in between, those can be mobile advertisements.


There are some strategies on how one can do advertising. 

  • First, you need to choose the product you want to advertise. Then, think of your goals using the advertisement. Like, what is your aim of doing the ad. 
  • Then, think of your audience to whom you want to reach. For ex, is your product the one which is a particular area selected or can it reach all over the cities.
  •  After this think of the platform you need for advertisements like newspaper, internet, social media, banners etc. Also keep in mind of your competitors and keep a view on how they are doing advertisement of their product and think if you need to improve your strategies.
  •  Now, think of some ideas so that you design your ads. For this you need to brainstorm over your creativity skills. You can use various websites and software for developing ads. 
  • Now as your advertisements are ready, you are good to go, just you need to do is publish them. 
  • After publishing do check how are  these ads benefiting you. It is important to keep a check on the results yielded by posting ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of marketing is to connect with your customers and get to know about their needs and work upon the strategies to make the product or service reach up to your customers.

Both marketing and advertising need to connect to the customers so that they get to know the product or service. Both of these try to show the importance and need of the product to the audience so that they buy the product or service.

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