Carbon Nanotechnology: Path Of Bright Future

4 years ago

The Global Market for Carbon Nanotubes.

Carbon nanotubes are being excessively trendy and can be an orientation changer for the world in the coming years. The reason for this is the growing use and applications and future projects based on this technology.

Applications Of Carbon Nanotechnology in Diverse Fields:

Till today's date, carbon technology has changed half of the scenario of the world with its phenomenal characteristics such as electrical conductivity, tensile strength, thermal conductivity, etc.

1. Polymer Industry

Bulk carbon nanotubes are used as a composite fiber in polymers. These improve its mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of a bulk product.

2. Industrial Engineering

Most of the energy accumulating is been done from hydraulic water energy conversion techniques in coastal areas and wind energy conversion in hilly regions.

  • While Carbon nanotechnology has also contributed to making it better.
  • It's used in wind turbines, rotor blades, and industrial robot arms.

3.Space Industry

Automotive, aeronautics, and space field has also the wide impact of carbon nanotechnology on it as it's a lightweight, high strength structural components.

4.Health Factor

Riding a bicycle can be the best exercise for anyone's health so here comes CNT's assistance to it as from flats to rises handlebars, cranks, forks, seat posts, stems, and aero bars.


The medical field is the field that we need to heed on more as for any pandemic or problem there should be a solution to it, so we have to make this sector the best. These can become possible to know with implanting tiny sensors inside a patient's body to get more description of the problem inside the patient's body.

6.Not reachable know possible

Many times big accidents happen due to the shortcomings of the complexity of the big installation. Sensors are the remedy, they can help check bridges, aircraft, and also nuclear power plants if malfunctioning. Aircraft cockpit, microelectronics anything can be repaired, any smallest crack can also be detected and filled, prohibiting further devastation. Also can be adapted to marine paints.

7.Sports industry

Sports equipment is more enhanced and liable. Such as skis, ice hockey sticks, baseball bats, hunting arrows, and elements of sailboats, masks, hulls.

8. Myriad data warehouse

Nanotechnology is known helpful for storing a myriad of data, ultra-dense memory, data processing, encryption, and communication with any concession with steadfastness.

9. Energy harvesting

Energy is and will be the first and most demanded need of mankind, we all are sure about these. Carbon nanotechnology can be a perfect adhesive to increase energy storage. Carbon Nanotechnology can be used for storing more solar energy from sunlight, sufficient energy can be harvested for electric cars. The survey is going on harvesting energy from movement, light, variations of temperature, and also glucose.


Thus the use of carbon nanotechnology can enhance many more resources for the world. More information, more resources, more energy availability, more efficiency, and Bright Future.