Best Smart Home Technologies

2 years ago

What is a Smart Home?

With every change we come across, we strive for more and more of the best versions of everything. A home is one such place where we want the best version of, to feel exceptionally comfortable and be able to feel a great ambience, after a long, tiring day. The emergence of technology has change the way we live and making our homes more relaxing and cozier to live in. Today, almost every home especially in the western countries have embedded a kind of technology that makes it not just a home but a " Smart Home". A smart home refers to setting up of home technology gadgets, appliances and devices in the home which can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere with an internet using mobile or other networked devices. It allows it's users to have a control function of home security, temperature, lighting, and even a home theatre control. Lets take a look at some of the best technologies that gives a home, a "Smart Home" tag.

  • Lighting Control System

When we look for a home, before buying or while constructing a home, the first thing we keep in mind and check is its lighting, since they give a whole sense of vibes in improving the surrounding ambience. Lighting control systems ranges from a normal switch to whole house control system via, mobile phones, remote control or a switch panel. In all the smart home devices, the lighting systems plays a crucial part in controlling the lighting of a home and in balancing its ambience. Today, with rising suggestions from health experts on the importance of lighting in home and choosing the right colour that doesn't affect our eyes and head as a whole, has led to a large number of people opting for smart homes with smart lighting control systems. One can choose their favour of lighting systems in four range of controls,

  1. Basic Lighting Controls
  2. Motion Sensors for outdoor lighting
  3. Dimmer switches of control
  4. Networked Lighting control systems (most advanced type of lighting control)

  • Smart Thermostats / HVAC control system

Smart Thermostats which is also known as automatic temperature controller or connected wireless thermostat, is the best choice of many especially residing in a place with extreme climate conditions. In India, smart thermostats are rarely available or even used. But in other countries like USA, UK, Korea, Japan, Russia, and many more countries depend largely on thermostats to control their extreme weather. Before, people use to rely on air conditioner and heaters to control temperatures inside their homes, but with the introduction of inbuilt smart thermostat system, people opt for smart home automatic controls due to it being more efficient and cheaper to use, since one doesn't need to buy AC or heaters separately with the introduction of smart home technologies like thermostats. The best thing about smart thermostats or HVAC control system is that it controls and adjust temperatures when the weather gets cold or warm or windy, and it saves more energy than other normal climate control technologies, and one can save bucks with the use of such technologies. The presence of Smart Thermostats in a home ultimately gives a different comfort ambience to its users and thereby making the home a smart based technology too which is the need for many.

  • Home Lock Security and Alarm System

Home lock security with alarm system are another level of securitization of homes for smart homes. This system has become the need for many to avoid and protect their homes from burglars, intruders, robbers and so on. Many homes have installed this system of security in their homes and stand to have been impressive in protecting the home owners. Some of the best types of home security system include,

  1. Electric Current Alarm System
  2. Wired Alarm System
  3. Wireless Alarm Security
  4. Monitored/Unmonitored Home Alarm System
  5. Ring Alarm System

From the above mentioned security systems, electric current alarm and wireless alarm system is the most commonly used securitized system to safeguard their homes by many. And this type of smart security system is commonly used in western countries in almost every households.

Future Smart Home Technologies

As smart home technologies become easier and efficient to use with its unique performance, has kept people craving for more of such technology. Its has benefitted a lot of users in safeguarding their homes and giving them a whole new level of ambience right in their homes. In the future, a range of technological development will drive smart-home technology well beyond what's available today. A voice over command is large believed to take over the markets by 2022, and it has begun now too with google assistant and home technology over voice commands. But a more interesting and sophisticated technology to perform well than it was before, will take place in the coming days. Robots are also the future technology help expected in future to make our life's easier. Here are some of the most high-rated future smart home technologies;

  • Smart appliances (upgrade systems than what it is now)
  • Power-tracking or Energy Efficient Technology
  • Solar panel generated home systems
  • Smart Toilets
  • Automated Robots
  • Smart Postal delivery system

Should One Choose Smart Home Technology?

The question as to 'should one choose Smart Home Technologies or should it be given priority? arises due to a large number of people opting for such technology. It is needless to say that such technologies are life-saver for many and its benefits are beyond measurable, from securitized protection to perfect weather and good comfort ambience, it has satisfied its users. Therefore, the answer to the above questions is absolutely YES. If it is safe as well as good for health then definitely its a smart choice for rational decision makers out there. There may be very few disadvantage of smart home technologies like breached system or hackers problem, but with the right type of technology there are very few chances of such disadvantages. However, with the rise in demand for smart home technologies, it is efficient and smart to opt for homes with inbuilt technologies as such. In order to avoid getting scammed or hacked by companies or individuals, below are top 5 companies that provide smart home technologies with security and safety prioritized;

  • Google Nest
  • Amazon
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Ecobee
  • Bosch Smart Home Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are designed efficiency to provide safety and security to its users.

Definitely one would go with Thermostats because they safe energy and provide the desired home temperature automatically without having to buy heater and AC separately.