Best Online Platform for Studies Amidst COVID

a year ago

This pandemic might be a huge vacation for someone or a disastrous time for others. But it has been a rollercoaster for students by gambling their studies. While we're amidst the COVID storm that has been surrounding us for long, we have no other option than to migrate over to the digital aspects of learning. 

This sudden change from offline classes to online classes has thrown the education system off-guard. There has been a lack of quality in studies, which can be decremental in the coming time. It is the best article you've come across because it suggests the best online platforms that students can choose from to boost their online learning experience.

  • Udacity:

Starting, Google is a multinational conglomerate that has laid down a tremendous impact on everyday lives. With so much to provide, Google has also come forward to provide the best online school or online education with a one to one partnership with Udacity. Udacity is a renowned online education platform that appreciates the skill level of an individual through various courses and lectures that one can enroll. Udacity holds the title of being one of the best online schooling platforms and provides many nano degrees for recognition in many industrial segments like programming, artificial intelligence, business, data science, and more.

  • Byju's:

With the growth like none other, Byju's is aiming and reaching for the top at quite a furious pace. A platform packed with online learning courses, Byju's has proven to be beneficial quite a population. The platform provides the content for every age and level of education, whether it is for a kindergarten or an aspirant running for NEET exams. This platform has essentially become the sole source of online education for those who desire distance education courses.

  • Unacademy:

While the world is struggling to keep up with emerging restrictions that the year 2020 has imposed on us, everyone seeks a way to make use of those restrictions and grow. Unacademy has become a partner of many during those confining times. Unacademy, which is India's one of the largest education websites or online learning platform, provides tons of online learning courses to prepare for many kinds of exams, including school exams, bank exams, railway exams, and more. The students who have already cleared a specific exam play the role of instructors on this platform. Because of that, the instructors can help a candidate through their perspective.

  • Udemy:

The most preferred and renowned platform, Udemy, has been the go-to platform for everyone for years. Udemy is one of the most economically feasible platforms that provide many online courses with a certificate upon completion. We're just on the commencement stage of it as Udemy is full of great features and services. Online learning courses on Udemy that comprise different levels, from basic mathematics to learning ethical hacking, are available for all to prove beneficial. When it comes to the business aspect of Udemy, everyone who is skilled enough can create their course and share it via this education website named Udemy and earn through it.

  • Cybrary:

With the emerging and never pausing advancement in technology, the risks of losing it all through those technologies also increase. The increase in this risk is continuously incrementing the need for cybersecurity experts who could handle it all. With that purpose in mind, an online schooling platform named "Cybrary" came into the picture to teach and share various concepts regarding cybersecurity, including ethical hacking and many more, all available for free provided by many experts across the globe.

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Anything that you do to gain skills and knowledge, is always worth the time. This quarantine is the best time to do something fruitful.