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Are you feeling depressed due to the lockdown? Do you have a feeling of wasting time without doing anything? Then it’s time to say goodbye to all those negative thoughts. Various universities are offering certificate courses which enhances your knowledge of different aspects. And these certificates will strengthen your curriculum vitae!!! Happy to hear that right? now you have so many questions like which app gives better experience? Is any free online courses is there? can I get a certificate freely? Is the certificate is valuable or not? Let us analyze the nook and corner of this topic.


LinkedIn learning is an American website offering video courses taught by industry experts in software, creative, business skills .They are offering about 13,000/plus courses! Courses like software development, design, business, web design , photography etc. They offers for a one month free trial. You can go through the favorite topics without any commitment for one month. This apps public library is free to use .Honestly almost all users are happy with the Lynda pricing plan. Most MOOC providers charge much more than Lynda. Its pricing plans had changed since it is merged with LinkedIn learning. After completion of the LinkedIn online course, it definitely provides a certificate. Which is precisely worth for your future. This course program definitely provides a free certificate after the completion of course 


Udemy always offers courses after payment of money. But it doesn’t grab a high amount of money. You can choose your favorite courses within your budget. Their teaching sessions are quite interesting and engaging with quizzes. They provide about 823 courses with highly skilled teachers. This is one of the top 10 onlinecertificate course. After completion of course at the downloadable Certificate will come to your mail box. This is more specialized for Marketing and designing. Courses like Spanish language, Linux, excel, blogging their list. Udemy will surely give you a better experience Try it out 😉!


Alison offers free certificate for some courses .They have 1000 plus courses. Unlike udemy and Linda they creates their own courses. About 13million learners and 2 million graduates are owned by Alison .moreover I am also doing 2free courses in Alison.The major drawbacks they doesn’t have an app for online course and the courses are not available in video format. We want to read it out and understand .if you are looking for some reading experience it will be the right place .The major exiting thin that I found out is they offer medal according to our study days in a week .If you study 3 days continuously a week we will be awarded a gold medal ( remember it is not that you imagine in our profile they show our achievement with a picture of gold medal).if it is 2 it will be silver and 1 it will be a bronze. I always like to see a golden medal in my profile so I read out their course contents. If you like awards and compliments for your studies Alison is a better choice


We see google as an encyclopedia of our queries.But Google also have course platforms for inline learning. Most of these Google Digital garage courses are completely free! With unlimited access , included modules , no time limits and best videos. Now a question arise in your mind , do we get a certificate after completing course? The answer is a huge YES! They offer 100 plus courses through online platform. The categories and classes include digital marketing, productivity, business security, business communication, social psychology, Google cloud platform, big data etc. Their sessions are interactive and completely engrossing.


Coursera is an American massive open online course provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University’s computer science professor. Sorry , for digging out that much history let’s analyze the benefits offered by course. Course .It is now a leading online platform for higher education , where 70 million learners from around the world gather together to learn skills of the future. More than 200 of the worlds top university’s and industry educators partner with cousera to offer courses. They provide free certificate and one of the most downloaded app for free online courses. They offer some courses free some times they gave free courses evaluating our performance on the exam conducting by them.


Edx is a none profit online initiative created by founding partners Harvard and MIT .They offer 3800 plus free online courses. The main point is it’s certificates are not much worth as udemy or coursera .For a professional study it’s better to choose udemy and coursera .This give you a free course but you need to pay for certificate after completion of the course. They focuses courses on humanities and natural science .But nowadays edx becoming in top position. The main issues reported about this app is the progress of the course is not being saved and the videos downloaded delete themselves the next Time you open the app.But it yet provides a better learning experiences of a wide variety of courses. Go and explore this app.You won’t get regret about the app experience 

Frequently Asked Questions

Alison and coursarea offers few free certificate courses

Most often they require an amount of money for certification.But you will get free courses definitely .Renowned institution won't hide the certificates.