Best Custom ROM For POCO F1 in 2020

4 years ago

Hello fellas, today in this article I would tell you Best Custom ROM for POCO F1 in 2020. POCO F1 was launched by Xiaomi in 2018. The phone has got the Qualcomm's 2018's flagship processor Snapdragon 845. The phone currently runs MIUI 12 based on Android 10. The phone got huge popularity due to the performance it offers. Over the time Xiaomi has pushed lot of updates for POCO F1 over the time. Many people were facing issues due to these updates some users complain that there gaming performance has degraded, heating issues, slow charging, battery draining etc. People feel that Xiaomi is deliberately slowing down there phones over the time. So, as a result people flash Custom ROMS to speed up there devices, Custom ROMS provides Stock Android feel, with no bloatwares. There are variety of Custom ROMS available to download, many people find it difficult to chose which Custom ROM to flash as POCO F1 has got a lot of Custom ROMS. So, Today in this article I would tell you the Best Custom ROM for POCO F1 in 2020.

So Let's Get Started -

Pixel Experience ROM is an AOSP based ROM. It gives a Google Pixel like device feel. The ROM has Google Apps included. The ROM has got Pixel Goodies such as launcher, wallpapers, icons, fonts, boot animation. The main aim of this ROM as to provide stability and security. The ROM offers monthly updates with security patches. The ROM is quite smooth to use. The ROM comes with GCAM ( Google Camera ) built in. The ROM is quite snappy to use and has got literally no bugs. The ROM comes in two variants Pixel Experience Normal Edition and Pixel Experience Plus Edition. The Plus Edition gives some extra customization. Overall the ROM is one of the Best Custom ROM for POCO F1.

The gaming performance of the ROM is also quite good. I played PUBG in Smooth + Extreme frame rate. The game gave a really good performance. The ROM uses latest Adreno GPU drivers from Pixel Android 11 beta.

I literally found no bugs in the ROM.

Features of Pixel Experience ROM -

1) Stock Android Feel

2) Monthly Security Updates

3) GCAM ( Google Camera ) Inbuilt

4) Security and Stability

5) No MIUI ads and bloat.

6) Increased Smoothness.

7) Light On RAM and CPU.

8) Thermal Profiles

9) Latest GPU Drivers

10) Literally No Bugs.

Download Now - Pixel Experience For POCO F1

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, they are safe to use.