Flash Custom ROM on Android Device Easiest Guide

4 years ago

Hello fellas, today in this article I would explain you how you can install Custom ROMS in your android phones. Installing a Custom ROM can be a bit of hassle, because many people exactly don't know how to proceed in it. So, in this article I would give you a full guide of installation of custom rom on your device. I bet this would be the easiest guide available on the internet.

Custom ROM is basically an OS which is made for specific phones, which supports installing of Custom ROMS. People usually flash a Custom ROM when they are bored of the OS they are currently using or to just try new different things and OS. Custom ROMS usually have a Stock Android feel with minimal bloatware, and they offer lot of customization.

Some of the most popular Customs ROMS include Pixel Experience ROM, AOSP Extended ROM, Havoc OS, Evolution X, Mokee, Corvus OS and many more.

So Let's Get Started -

1) First you need to check the status of bootloader. If it is locked then you need to unlock your bootloader. For example - if you are using a MIUI Device which comes from Xiaomi brand, you need to get bootloader unlocking permissions from there website, in 3-4 days they grant you the permission then you can unlock your bootloader.

If you are using any other device then you can google the procedure, to unlock the bootloader of your device.

Important Note - Please Backup All Your Data In Internal Storage it can be wiped after unlocking the bootloader.

2) After unlocking the bootloader, then you have to flash a custom recovery. The most famous custom recovery and the most used one is TWRP. The TWRP custom recovery is available for most of the devices. You can download TWRP Recovery from there official website, make sure you flash the latest one. You can google how you can flash Custom Recovery on your device for detailed instruction.

Download TWRP - Download

3) Then you have to select the Custom ROM which you gonna flash. Some ROMS come with Google Apps built in GApps ( Google Apps ) package included, but in some ROMS you have to flash it after flashing the ROM to access the Google Apps like Play Store etc. My most favorite ROM is Pixel Experience ROM because it comes with inbuilt Google Apps, and is quite stable, and you also receive monthly updates with latest security patches. After downloading the ROM, put it in internal storage of your phone along with GApps Package ( Optional ).

To Install A Custom ROM You Need To Boot Into TWRP Recovery ( usually done by holding Volume Up + Power Button )

Now in TWRP Recovery -

i) Go to Wipe Option and Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache, System and Data

ii) Then go to install and Select The Zip File Of The ROM of would like to install.

iii) Install GApps Zip ( Optional - Only Flash If Not Inbuilt In your ROM ).

Download GApps - OpenGApps

iv) After Flashing Just Reboot your device, it would take 10-15 minutes for first boot.

v) Voila, you just installed Custom ROM on your device, isn't it's awesome.

If you have any doubt or query feel free to mention in comment box below, your query would be solved in less than 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes Custom ROMS are safe to use. They are Google Play Store Certifed.

No Custom is best, there are lot of ROMS availaibe to download each has it's own pros and cons.

No, Custom ROMS does not have root acess as default but you can root your device by installing Magisk.

Yes, you can revert back to the original ROM that came with your phone.

Yaa, they are quite stable now.

Yes, you can install it.

Yes, they void your warrantly but you can anytime revert back to your original ROM to claim your warranty.