Best Apps For English Language Learners

4 years ago

Learning to speak English is a big effort. It definitely requires time, money, energy and commitment. English languages comes with a great package of benefits. English communication increases income. Yes, all good jobs demand good English communication skills. Even in countries like India, English speaking skills get more respect than any other language. Biggest movies and books are in English. English makes travel easier. In a nutshell, English language is the most elementary skill to have more advantage and influence. The applications nowadays, are really helpful in learning English fast without paying for courses and without going out of the houses. Just downloading them isn't enough. All you need is to use them according to your needs.

Best Learning Apps For English Language:

Apps are a great tool for learning and speaking English. They are always fun, easy and quick. Also, these apps are a great time killer and proves as a great supplement as a classroom teacher. They provides assessments, audios, videos, grammar lessons and many more content. So, what are you waiting for? Here are some best English learning apps. Download the one you like and be an expert in speaking English.

Duolingo- The best all-rounder:

The main reason of its popularity is the leader board and challenges where you compete with real players. Its like a game. You can unlock the levels and win virtual coins, also grabbing vocabulary and grammatical skills side by side. What else needed? Learning English has never been so fun and so addictive.

Quiz Your English- The best for exam preparation:

Preparing for an Exam the requires English language skills? Here you are! It's designed by Cambridge Assessment English and it includes levels which are specially for the Cambridge B2 First and IELTS. An app with some light relief and intense preparation with great vocabulary and grammar learning skills. You can also compete with your friends and family to boost your confidence.

The British Council- The best for grammar:

As the name suggests, it's the best app for getting to grips with grammar. The learn English British Council app has lessons and games on a variety of topics. It starts with beginner level concepts, Questions, Simple Present and Gerunds, all the way up to advanced lessons on Verbs of obligation and Necessity. Also have an option to 'test' your progress and improvement.

6,000 Words- The best for vocabulary:

Fun, easy and learn- the best way to enhance the vocabulary. FunEasyLearn have created a simple and best way to improve vocabulary with the help of learning new words with pictures.This app has a whopping 6000 lexical items which are categorized into themes. Examples are Food, Sports, etc. with sub-topics like Hockey, Rocks, Internal organs, and much more. Download this to make your vocabulary advanced.

Beelingu- The best for reading:

This story telling app is best for practicing reading. Its designed to tell a story in two different languages side by side. One in English and other in your own language for excellent reading and learning experience. The karaoke style text helps to listen and grab with read-along at the same time. From childhood classics to popular tales, there's lots of interesting content. Reading in English just got more interesting!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are a lot free, simple and best apps to learn and improve English.

Practice makes a man perfect. Practice reading, speaking, vocabulary and grammar. Get strong with your weak points.earn and study phrases.