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Udemy, edX, Shawacademy and Coursera provide online courses with certification. These courses are from various fields like psychology, management, engineering, health and well-being. And as one completes the courses that they have enrolled for, they get a certificate as well. These certificates ensure that this candidate has completed the specific course. 


Online courses are very useful for everyone. Some people use it just to gain knowledge and some use it according to their field to gain deeper study in it.

Online courses are flexible. Online courses come with a great advantage of flexibility. As students are busy nowadays, with some or the other work. The flexibility of online courses is useful as they can attend and watch the video lectures when they are free. This will help them understand more easily as they would be free of other work while attending the courses.

These courses are affordable.  Online courses are either free or paid. But the ones that are paid are also pocket friendly. These online courses are affordable and cheap as compared to other forms of learning. Also, you don’t have to buy textbooks, all the study material is provided there to enroll for the course you want.

Improve your technical skills. By joining these online courses, your technical skills enhance as you get to learn deeper. You learn new skills and try to use it in your life as well.

You get certificates for the course. There are many online learning websites which also provide you a certificate as you complete the course. This certificate is a benefit for you as you can show it in your interviews or internships. And by this the interviewer gets to know that you have done an online course in the specific subject.

you get different choices in the course you enroll.  There is a wide variety of course options to choose from before enrolling for any course. If you want a course of psychology, there are many courses under psychology. The same applies to different courses in different fields.


As the topic says that are the certificates from Udemy, edX, Shawacadmy or Coursera of any worth. So, the answer is yes. Whatever course they offer, the provide a complete knowledge over that topic. The content provided is really useful. As it is said everything comes with a price tag. The same way the online course does not come for free. These are paid courses but for sure are some or the other way round beneficial for you. In this era and time, it is very important for everyone to have knowledge in almost every field. It does not mean that you need to excel in all these fields but it means you must have a good knowledge so that it can be applicable whenever needed. 

And as we know, nowadays when you apply for a job and go for the interview and show your resume, these certificates would give a better picture of you in front of the interviewer. If for the same job there are 3 candidates but only you out of the 3 have broad knowledge in different fields, it would give a better Impact. 

Also, there is nothing wrong in studying something. The more you will learn, the more it would help you further. The courses on Shawacademy, Udemy, Coursera provides you with a proper guidance and knowledge and skills that are helpful in the particular kind of job. Even if these courses are not free, it doesn't matter. You would be getting good knowledge from experts. This is the main important thing. 

      Always keep in mind, while choosing the course, choose it from your field and interest, so that it is beneficial for you in getting a job. Also, if you choose a course in your field, it would be better as you would have more knowledge than the syllabus of your course. 

Completing an online course and getting a certificate for it would not mean that you are an expert in that field but it means you have a knowledge of the subject and you can learn further in it. 


The answer to the above question is yes. If you have done something achievable and also have its certificates you must put it on your CV. Benefits of adding online certificates of CV are:

  • It helps you show a better picture of you and reflects better knowledge
  • It shows that your skills in the specified field are refined .so, always choose online course related to your field
  • It shows you are serious, dedicated and hardworking in your field and also enjoy learning new things.
  • It would increase your impact on the interviewer.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some courses that are available for free on Udemy but there are many courses that are paid. These main and important courses are paid but on a low cost.

The answer to this question totally depends upon you. You must check if your course is available out of the two. In comparison, Udemy is a better option than coursera.