Alternate browsers for privacy seekers

a year ago

While everyone can track what we search online and create our database through this information. So indeed it is hard to stay anonymous online. The best way is to delete your history as well as cache. This list provides alternate browsers to keep your privacy.

▪︎Firefox Focus

Everyone recognizes Firefox from its symbol. Here it provides you to be anonymous users. Blocks all kind of advertisement trackers. It also has the option to disable online tracking and provides custom tabs and stealth mode.


This app is currently featured in all kinds of smartphones. The features here are when you have finished searching everything and exit out off the app, everything would automatically be deleted. It also would not show up in multitasking.

▪︎Tor Browser

This app works in both apple and android. This browser allows you to search and while searching it connects it to their server and hides your location. This allows you to go through multiple tabs at once.

▪︎ Ghostery

Ghostery is a very popular web browser used more than 7 million. It provides web as well as mobile browser. It also provides ad free searches. For now it can only provide privacy but by next few years it is decided that it can removes websites which can track our movement by 20 times. But this is not for free, it comes for $5 per month as subscription.

▪︎Iridium Browser

It is a browser that supports chrome's extension. The deal here it is only available in desktop version but not in mobile version. It is also based on chromium code base. It

▪︎ Brave

It is a Chromium based browser. This browser has an in-built ad blocker and fingerprinting protection. But recently it started having ads within their browsers. It is hypocrisy at the least.

▪︎Pale Moon Browser

It is based on Firefox. It supports both new and older Firefox. It is available on Windows and Linux. Also has its own search engine called Goanna. It has an ad blocker and protects your privacy.

▪︎Cake Browser

This one helps users to be not be tracked by websites, it also has passcode protected browser rather anyone else using the browser. It provides ad and track blocker. Also provides a do not track mode.


This one is in all rounder for all the privacy. It is ad blocker and block third party trackers. It helps you to evaluate every website you visit. If there is huge F present in website, it tells you that website is trying to track you.

The most obvious way to avoid is to actually use a VPN in incognito mode while browsing.