All about Mitron and Zynn App- Tiktok alternative

4 years ago

Tiktok is a very good social media platform to showcase of their skills but in a recent past there were many videos that came into the limelight that were spreading a hatred speech and acts. So as a result many users started uninstalling tiktok app from their phones and there was a gradual decrease in the app ratings on the google playstore dropping from 4.8 to 1.2 star rating.

So there are many users who are looking for an alternative to tiktok app, today I gonna discuss whole about the two rivalries of the tiktok app that is Mitron app and the Zynn app.

Zynn App - A new tiktok clone:

Zynn app is also called as a tiktok clone app. Zynn app is a complete imitation of tiktok app but with the one twist that is- it pays its user to signup,watch videos and conconvince others to follow suit.

This was in the begining of the may and it has made the headlines when it touched the number 1 position on Apple's App store as a free app and top 10 on google playstore too.

As the article posted on The Information Zynn developer was Owlii ,which was taken by Kuaishou, according to the model of the app people made a direct knowledge of the project that it is "taylor made for the North American market" and its aim is to get benifit from the growing unemployment in America due to covid19 lockdowns.

Basically the cash reward method is widely popular in China to acquire users ,specially in China's smaller cities where the income of the people in lower.The main earning of the app is from the advertisement and very small part of it being given to its users.And due to this policy its users are increasing day by day.Its ultimate target is unemployed american amid this covid19 lockdown and tiktok crisis in America.

Zynn seems to have grown so quickly because of its user making policy,i.e by giving them rewards-

  • Users are being paid for watching a video(nearly $0.12 for watching it for few minutes).
  • There is a referal scheme that pays users for getting the other users to sigup and use the service for themselves which went a long way towards helping its spread.
  • There is a banner claiming that if you will get the five people to signup it will give you a reward of $110 (with the very fine print that most money will only arrive if the people you refer continue to regularly use this app)

Like tiktok when you first launch the app it straight away take you to watching a video . If you want to earn rewards through the Zynn app ,you have to make a signup and want to straight away give your personal information to the zynn app

There is no option to create your direct account with Zynn,it has tied up with the other services like google,facebook,twitter and more.It will take some users permissions to access over your mobile and after giving them,you will start earning rewards.

To cash out rewards you have to link your paypal account as well.

This app is not yet launched in India.

There are many videos out on youtube claiming their payment reciepts from zynn app.Check them out

Desi Mitron App - Origin and security specs:

Mitron app has recently made a limelight in the Indian market after the traditional tiktok app goes into crisis due to wrong content posted on its platform and even on the google playstore it has a 4.8 star rating.But the question is that is it really a desi app or secure app!!

Mitron app is basically not an Indian origin app ,it is basically bought from the Pakistani software developer Qboxus.

Qboxus ,the company that made TicTic app and the company owner Irfan Sheikh in an interview told that it has sold TicTic app source code to Mitron creator for $34 or approx. Rs.2500.

Qboxus is basically a company that sells its app scripts to the developers and after selling they have no problem with what the developer has done by customizing it.

Mitron app was registered via GoDaddy and the address is Uttarakhand,India.This app was developed by IIT-Roorkee student

Over 5 million people have downloaded an Indian Tiktok clone called Mitron app and the app is still being downloaded.But this app gone into crisis because its user data is not secure ie not using secured protocols and even this app is prone to cyber attack.It has vulnerability that could allow an attacker to compromise user accounts and send messages,even it can follow other people on behalf of a user.

In an interview ,cyber security officer told that Mitron app is not using Secure Sokets Layer(SSL) protocol to secure the login

The developer's website is and if you open that website,it would redirect you to google Playstore for Mitron.There is no website for an app with more than 5 million downloads and even no privacy policy.While using this app your personal information,your private videos ,your stored photos ,all are at the stake of a cyber attack or data breaching.

On the part of launching the app,Mitron app does ask for a lot of permisions on your android phones,it needs an access to your photos,internal storage,camera,microphone,flashlight,and the ability to prevent your device from sleeping.Now we also know that most of this is needed for a video sharing app,but there is no privacy policy for the users and even the developer is an unknown entitiy,so how you are sure that your data won't be sold to a shady advertising companies or your data won't be breached.

Mitron needs to fix this privacy problems as soon as possible ,but until then I won't feel recommend using the app.

Frequently Asked Questions

until any privacy policy update don't use this app and even uninstall it.

No Zynn,app is not launched in India.

No,it is not a desi app.Its source code is taken from a pakistani software company Qbxous.