10 Signs Of A High Quality Designer

3 years ago

Everyone looks for a person who is best suited to play a role in an organization. Same goes in the field of design where a recruiter expects a designer to be efficient and work effectively covering all the aspects of design. Some people are suited for a certain job or organization more than others. It is the qualities of a good designer that makes him/her stand out from the crowd. He/she positions themselves as a high quality designer and the signs that make them a good designer are known as designer strengths.

Everyone out there wants to hire a high quality designer with good designer strengths to handle their work like an exception. But it is not always easy for them to figure out a good designer who would be suitable to handle a certain type of work. Here are some of the qualities good designer posses:

Self Motivated:

Creativity and imagination are the best friends of any designer and is always on the list of any high quality designer. Without these two top qualities and signs it is harder for any designer to survive. A designer has to be self motivated to survive and grow in the industry. A good designer has to find self motivation to complete a task to meet standards. They are often left behind among the work and clients but to grow, self motivation is required.

They need to introspect and ask themselves about the motivation they carry in themselves and should not doubt that am I a good designer? Good designing skills comes with self motivation and all the top web design and development companies, web development agencies and graphic design companies hunt for high quality designers as these fields require designers who have good strengths.

Excellent Communication Skills:

A designer, especially a graphic designer needs to have good communication skills. Their work expresses for themselves but they need to be expressive for their work to speak up. It is a vice versa loop that goes on. They should know how to present their work through visual communication as well as know how to communicate well with their clients. They should not have ambiguity in the work they are offering or being offered. 

Good communication skills are the key quality of a high quality designer and open the door for them to new ideas which prove them as a successful designer. Through good communication skills one can build strong relationships with peers and clients and it could help in establishing a strong reputation. They need to keep themselves and clients on the same page while working on a project.

Curious To Learn:

It is rightly said by S. Leonard Rubinstein that “Curiosity is a willing, a proud, an eager confession of ignorance”. A great designer is full of questions and flood questions in front of everybody to come out with solutions and creativity. They know the things but often want somebody else to say it in their own words to gain insight of the emotional aspects and understanding of the particular subject in the view of others.

Their curiosity takes them to many places they haven’t even visited to through their imagination. It is actually the building block of any designer. They are always willing to learn the new skills that would make their work better and imagination far sighted. Every field of design such as web designing, graphic designing and companies related to them like web design and development companies, top web development companies ought to look for designers who are curious to learn new things because their work is completely dependent on new things that users will like.

Detail Oriented:

A high quality designer has an eye for detail and focuses on small details and elements to make them a part of their design. Details make the design effective and can make simple looking designs extraordinary and effective. 

Many web designing companies, eCommerce websites and graphic design companies look for designers who are keen on making layouts that are simple yet detail oriented. A best website design requires a detail oriented designer. 

Have Passion And Creative Desire:

Great designers are really passionate about the things they imagine and create. Passion is an important quality that drives through motivation and creativity. Designers look for inspiration that enhances their imagination level and creative desire in them and get inspired with things that stand out their passion for creating something out of the box. 

They keep their mind active out of passion and fills up new ideas that open the doors of possibilities. Passion and creative desirability can make a designer excited about the things they are doing and the final result comes out beautiful. 

Problem Solving Abilities:

A designer’s purposes is to find the solutions of the problems related to people and bring out or suggest optimum solutions to the problem. They generally focus on human centered design or user centric designs to eradicate the problem. A good designer has all the solutions for the problem faced by him/her. They connect their souls to the problem to find the solutions.

As said by Albert Einstein, “It’s not that I’m not so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer”. Designers observe a big picture that can come into play or how things could go wrong prior and have all the answers for the questions they are confronted with. Great designers always go the extra mile to find out the solution of problems faced or how it can be done better. 

They have the mind to offer opinions in their work and project them in an effective manner. 

Responsive web design is an art of solving problems with respect to size and orientation.

Adaptability To A Dynamic Environment:

Design industry is dynamic in nature and a good designer shows signs of adaptability to survive the environment. A good designer is far sighted and thinks beyond what is prevailing now and predicts what possibilities he/she could face. They get prepared for the change in environment or trend. 

Each day brings out new problems and with each design they do they try to get fit into that. A high quality designer, works better even in challenging situations and evolves through the span of time. This type of designer a company aims for and looks out for who could work in any challenging environment and do even better or be progressive in their work.

Take Criticism Positively:

It is the sign of a good designer that they do not take criticism personally rather strive hard to fill gaps in their design. They would take criticism as a part of their learning by improving skills. They know how to turn criticism into opportunity; opportunity of creating something even better by knowing the loopholes. They always react positively to the criticism that is thrown to them and they collect them all to build something exciting and that too without any flaws.

They always accept criticism and feedback positively with a smile on their face and passion to create things that are flawless. 

Not Afraid To Do Experiments:

They love to do experiments to find out new and exciting things. A high quality designer is ready to take them to find out multiple concepts and ways it can be done or presented. They even get excited when they are working on something new. They like to experiment with all the possibilities. They explore different styles and get insight into their abilities. 


An artist or designer is never satisfied with their creation or designs. They always tend to be better than they were. As a client, it is found as the most valuable qualities of a designer. Perfectionism in their work to create a masterpiece is the desirable quality a client desires for. They believe that everything should be perfectly created and focus on details through thoughtful designs. It is the most beneficial trait of a designer to correct flaws and be innovative and perfect in the creation of designs.

A great and high quality designer should have a blend of all the above stated ingredients which gives the sign of a good designer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Self motivation is the key ingredient in any good designer which keeps them active and motivated throughout the situations and the dynamic environment.

Passion is the drive that helps designers to complete their job effectively and with a lot of creativity. So, passion is an important factor in making best out of the creation.

Detail oriented design attracts people and makes simpler designs effective and lively.