Whatsapp Web everything you should know

2 years ago

People love their phones and people love WhatsApp, but many people use WhatsApp for work, which is where WhatsApp Web comes in the picture. WhatsApp Web allows you to use WhatsApp on iPad, laptops, PCs, Android tablets, and other devices. we can easily setup this on any device. WhatsApp Web gives us choice to operateWhatsApp via your computer's web browser.

WhatsApp Web was started 5 years ago. However, WhatsApp Web does cover a great set of features which are very useful.

WhatsApp Web: How to use:

  1. On your computer, open the browser of your choice and visit www.web.whatsapp.com and hit enter.
  2. You'll now be asked to scan the QR code that appears on the screen. If you are on a Android smartphone, open WhatsApp > tap the vertical three-dots icon and select WhatsApp Web. Similarly, if you have an iPhone, open WhatsApp > tap Settings > followed by tapping WhatsApp Web.
  3. Now, scan the QR code that's there on your computer screen.Now the whatsapp web has been started in your system. start chatting now by clicking on their profiles. Besides, you can also start a new chat by clicking on the new chat icon.
  4. Just for the knowledge, WhatsApp Web works on both Mac and Windows PC.
  5. your phone on which your WhatsApp account is active needs to be turned on along with having an active internet connection.

WhatsApp Web app :Steps to download via QR code

  1. On your computer, visit www.whatsapp.com/download and hit enter.
  2. Now download according to your operating system.
  3. Once your file is downloaded, install it on your system and open it.
  4. You'll now see the familiar QR code, just like the one you see when you open WhatsApp Web on a browser.
  5. Now use that QR code to scan . Now open your android phone, then open WhatsApp > click on the vertical three-dots icon and select WhatsApp Web. Similarly, if you have an iPhone, open WhatsApp > tap Settings > followed by tapping WhatsApp Web.
  6. Before scanning the code, make sure you check the Keep me signed in option right below the QR code. This is to be done so that you don't have to scan the code each and every time you open the app.
  7. That's it.

WhatsApp Web: How to edit profile

To edit your personal details such as your name, profile photo and about in WhatsApp Web, follow these steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp Web on your computer's browser or open the desktop app.
  2. Click your profile icon at the top. To change your profile photo from your computer, click on your profile photo if you have set one already > click on Upload photo or Take photo depending on your choice.
  3. Below your profile picture, you can see your name. Click the pencil icon to edit.
  4. Similarly, below your name you'll see About. Click the pencil icon to edit.
  5. Unfortunately, you don't have the option to post WhatsApp Status. However, you can still check your contact's status stories.

WhatsApp Web Dark Mode: How to enable

There are ways by which we can enable dark mode in whatsapp web You can either do it by using the Inspect Element option on your browser

  1. follow the above steps to login via QR code.
  2. Right-click the WhatsApp Web page and click Inspect Element. Now search for body class=“web”.
  3. Right-click this line > click Edit.
  4. change its body class="web dark" and body class="web dark text-rendering-bug-fix”.
  5. Hit Enter on the keyboard or just click anywhere else on the page to apply changes.
  6. Now you can enjoy dark mode

WhatsApp Web: Miscellaneous settings

Besides texting and editing your personal details, there are a bunch of things that you need to know to master WhatsApp Web. Take a look:

1. Hiding the WhatsApp group photos and videos from gallery

2. Secure your mobile WhatsApp using Fingerprint lock

3. Hide particular contacts in the list from viewing your story

4. Read messages without given away by Blue Ticks

5. Schedule WhatsApp messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

yes it requires to be open on your mobile