Weird Gadgets - Some useful and some not

10 months ago

People are creative when it comes to inventing things, but sometimes these things are straight up bizarre rather than being useful. So here is a list of some weird gadgets some of which are actually pretty impressive.

1. Pancake Printer

In 2013, a civil engineer named Miguel Valenzuela had made this device called PancakeBot that can make pancakes in any shape. This works by adding the pancake batter and then uploading an image in a memory card that can be inserted into the PancakeBot. it costs $300 and it became successful after it could raise $460,584 in it's Kickstarter campaign. This could be considered a useful gadget as kids around the world enjoy eating pancakes of different shapes, but it still costs a lot.

2. Thermal Phone Attachment

This is actually a pretty cool gadget. This device has a thermal camera that can be attached to your phone via charging port. This device actually turns your phone into a thermal camera that can detect heat even in total darkness. The company that makes this device is called FLIR that makes thermal cameras and sensors. This device costs around $200 which is comparatively less than buying a thermal camera on its own.

3. Body Odor Checker

This gadget is one of the more weirder on the list but it could still be pretty useful. This device is made by a Japanese company called TANITA and it can actually measure body odor and give the result in numbers 0 to 10 with 10 being the worst BO and 0 being the least.

It uses 2 AAA batteries and can be used almost a 1000 times before having to change the sensors. This gadget could also be useful as we don't realize it that we have bad BO but others do. People could use it before going on a date or a job interview because nothing hurts more than when someone tells you that you have a bad BO. This Device costs $145.

4. BioLite Campstove

This could be the most useful gadget on the list. This is a camping stove that when lit can convert the heat energy from the fire into electricity that can be used to charge cellphones , lights and other things with a USB charger. This device can produce up to 3W of power by burning sticks, wood scrap, pellets etc. This would be a perfect gadget for camping in the woods. The BioLite Campstove costs $149.95.

5. Giant Enter Button

This is literally just what the name states, a giant enter button. It can be plugged into a computer or a laptop and it functions as the Enter key, but just larger. This is just a fun gadget with no actual benefits, just that when we're done typing a something we can smash the enter button to proceed. The Giant enter button costs only $15.99 and it could be a great gift for aggressive people as a joke.

6. Edible Spoon Maker

This gadget may seem weird but it actually could be useful considering if it became popular, the use of plastic spoons could be stopped. This device uses cookie dough and makes them into crispy spoons so when you are done eating your cereal, you can just eat the spoon as well. But the flaw here is that it could break easily when someone tries to eat something sticky or cold like ice-cream.

7. Wrist-mounted Finger Piano

This is a pretty cool gadget manufactured by Five Below and it is basically a little portable piano that is attached to your fingers. It can be found online on amazon but is currently unavailable. This gadget looks cool but it dose not play many keys of the piano and now a days we have piano apps on our cellphones that are free and more reliable than this finger mounted piano.

8. USB killer

This gadget might look like an ordinary USB storage device but actually it's something really dangerous. The USB killer is a device that can instantly destroy any device which has a USB output like laptops, computers, gaming consoles or even smartphones. This device has a bunch of capacitors that quickly charge themselves when plugged in and when it's fully charged, it discharges a voltage charge as high as 200v DC over the data lines of the device it is plugged into. This large amount of voltage destroys the device it is plugged into. The USBkiller is constantly updating and recently launched their USBkiller V4 kit for 299.95 euros.


Weird gadgets have always been around and have grown more every since it became so easy to buy them online. While some of the gadgets are just stupid and useless, they could still be bought as joke or just for fun. But on the other hand, some gadgets that might seem weird could be very useful too.