Virtual Assistants: The Best of Modern Digital World

4 years ago

What is Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant which is also known as AI assistant or digital assistant is a digital application program or software that responds and understands voice commands and completes the task initiated by its users. The world of digital has changed largely with the emergence of virtual assistants, which makes tasks easier and smooth for anyone. Virtual assistant is present and can be seen in devices and technology.

What does Virtual Assistant perform?

AI assistant have gained a lot of popularity in the growing market of tech due to its convenient and time saving benefit it provides. Virtual Assistant performs a wide range of duties and provides support to its users. One can use virtual assistant without the need to learn complicated UI of interacting with a machine when it can be done with just over a voice command. Any work can be carried out by an individual over a voice command. The use of virtual assistant can be seen in our day to day life, with the various functions it performs. Some of what virtual assistant performs include;

  1. Provides daily news and weather updates
  2. Gives direction while driving over voice
  3. Review schedule daily
  4. Take and save notes
  5. Book meetings and travel tickets
  6. Find recipes of different kinds
  7. And much more functions

The use of virtual assistant has been a great way to generate or create value by better utilization of time. It's time saving benefit has been very attractive to its users which enables them to carry out their work efficiently. Virtual assistant duties covers a wide scope for tech in the present as well as future tech world.

Virtual Assistant Softwares

With the existing benefits and more demands for virtual assistants, a large number of softwares has been developed over the years that work as a virtual assistant. They provide a wide range of services to its users. Let's take a closer look at the most used and famous, different types of virtual assistant softwares.

  • Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one of the most preferred and powerful AI assistant today. It was launched in 2016 by Google. It offers services and functions of voice commands and searching, voice activated control of device, sending reminders and making daily appointments and much more. Google AI can be found on smartphones, fridges, headphones and cars.

  • Siri

Apple's Siri being one of the most famous AI personal assistant is used by Apple device users. It uses natural language user interface (UI) and voice command to function. It performs functions such as make calls and send text messages, answers questions and offers recommendations to its users, read weather and location guide and much more. Apple Siri is found in devices of IOS, iPadOS, watchOS and macOS. In short it is available for Apple device users.

  • Alexa

Alexa is a virtual assistant which is an AI powered from Amazon, and is known as Amazon Alexa. It is widely available on 100 million devices as of 2019 April. It uses programs such as voice queries, natural language processor, voice interaction and many more task. Alexa performs task of creating to-do lists, set alarms, stream podcasts, real time information on weather and news updates daily, music playback and play audio books. It is available in devices of android, iOS, Amazon echo, Amazon smart speakers and more devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes AI Virtual assistant technology will grow more in the future than it is presently.

Yes definitely.