Unknowns in IoT

3 years ago

IoT - “Internet of Things'', it's quite obvious, now everyone knows what it is. The Internet plays an indispensable role in human life. Interfacing any - ‘thing’ with the internet to improve its usage is called ‘internet of things’. IoT refers to connecting every single thing around us to the internet or rather, make living more jollified. This field is continuously evolving and hence cannot be defined in specific terms or words.

  • What is the Internet Of Things: These are the devices which can be connected to the internet and then can communicate with other devices as well. These devices look similar to the usual ones, only differences are they can be connected to the internet and can transfer data from one place to another. They include sensors, software computer devices, etc to make it more useful.        

  • Some common examples of these devices are :
  1. Smart watch: A watch which can not only show time, but can also show number of steps, calories burnt, heart rate, etc. 
  2. Smart Mobiles: A smart mobile can be used to find a location, listen to a song online, chat with a person living on another continent and much more. Or rather the device in your hand, on which you are reading this article.
  3. Smart Refrigerator: The refrigerators with user controlling cooling options, internet connection, internal cameras, etc have made it smarter.  
  4. Google Home voice control: It allows users to listen to media, control TV and speakers, manage time and alarm, turn the volume up or down without using a remote.
  5. Nest Smoke Alarm: It is a device which thinks, speaks and also alerts the users mobile phone about emergencies in home.

 Though there are a number of famous and most used IoT devices, this article is for putting up light on some underrated yet useful IoT devices. This article will surely help you get some different devices for yourself.

  • Underrated IOT devices you should know:
  1. Skybell HD: Skybell HD / smart video doorbell, by ‘Skybell’ is as smart as humans. It allows the user to see, hear and speak to the visitor outside your door using a smartphone. When we are out of the house, we are always concerned about our home security. Having this device will surely make you feel safe for your home, even when you are far away. Being an award winning doorbell, its titled as ‘Best Video Doorbell’. The recorded videos are available for multiple users and operating it on mobile has made it the best and easy to use device. Link for the website: https://skybell.com/skybell-hd/ Link for video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFNENHGF5uk
  2. Mirror:  It's an IoT mirror. So does this happen to you, when you look yourself in the mirror you feel fat or unhealthy and feel the need of working out. Well, this mirror will help you workout regularly. When turned ‘off’ it's a regular mirror, but once turned ‘on’ the magic begins. You can start working out along with your tainer and to add up you can see your reflection in it, which gives a clear gym experience. In a nutshell, it's a work from home gym with all awesome and required facilities. Link for the website: https://www.mirror.co/ Link for video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSmTTZcpVGg
  3. Smart Sprinkler Controller: In the busy schedule, one may not be able to water their lawn regularly. But don't worry, engineers and some smart minded people always have a solution and so for this one too. ‘Rachio’ has a smart sprinkler controller device, which has easy installation and also saves water while working. It has 2 models, one which can control 8 sprinklers and the other with 16 sprinklers. These can be easily connected to your home WiFi. One most important thing here, you can sprinkle your lawn from anywhere using the rachio app and maintain the greenery around your house. Link for the website: https://rachio.com/products/ Link fr the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKaXsr1U7sE
  4. MyMDBand: Technology has helped in medical science for a long time and here's an IoT device which provides medical information. It's a wearable bracelet which has GPS, so that one can navigate to the patient's location in an emergency. Every band has its own pin number to help the doctors know your health record. It's not less than having a doctor by your side for 24hours. In case of emergency the doctors can scan the QR code present on the band and start the treatment. This fancy and durable bracelet is of utmost use. Link of website: https://www.mymdband.com/LandingPage.aspx Link for video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C799fzXIYRE
  5. The Smart Garden: Have you ever thought of any device which can grow plants, where your role is only to plug it to a switch? ‘Click and Grow’ provides ‘The Smart Garden’, which works only in 3 steps: add pods, water it and plug it to the switch. You can grow a variety of plants, vegetables and herbs. It's designed to be self watering. Here even if you forget to water it, don't worry it's not going to affect the plant because it's ‘IoT’: which does things on its own. This little device also has lights, which stay on for 16hrs and turn off after 8hrs. Its box contains pre planted soil and seed pods to make your work even more easy. Get ready to plant your own plants. Link for website: https://asia.clickandgrow.com/ Link for video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FlfCZHWADJ4

Comprehensive Guide on Sprinkler Controllers - https://happydiyhome.com/sprinkler-controller/

Image courtesy: Click and Grow

And these were few of the undervalued IoT devices, which are very useful and not well known as ‘Alexa’. The Internet of Things has been so useful and helps technology cross its border line every time. With this ever rising field, lets make our lives even more awesome and easy using these unknown IoT devices.