UFO - another denomination to aliens?

4 years ago

Human beings are incredibly curious creatures. We make sure to study anything we do not understand if given the possibility. In fact, we are so curious that we spend hundreds of years studying science, astronomy, geology, and analyzing every possible field. And when the naked eye fails to give clear observations, we spend hundreds of thousands of rupees building giant radar telescopes to look for signs of intelligent life around distant stars for which there is no evidence so far. But what we Indians lack, is patience. We are so creative that we can connect things faster than Nokia connecting people.

The year 2003, has been revolutionary for Indian cinemas. Instead of just crossing borders and overseas, we crossed the threshold of the Earth and encountered an alien who gets energy from the ultimate source of energy- the sun and of course who can understand our language. Having watched Rakesh Roshan’s movie ‘Koi… mill gaya’, people in India are so drummed into the concept of aliens that anything unusual drifting across the sky is assumed to be an ‘alien’ without an error of judgment. And that’s exactly where science commits suicide.

UFOs are not aliens!!!! UFO is a short form used for an unidentified flying object which completely makes sense that these are objects which cannot be given any name since they lack investigations.

What exactly a UFO is?

Most of us when we hear the term, automatically associate UFOs with a little green man although it turns out they’re probably grey, who pilot UFOs. That very equation of UFOs is fundamentally mistaken. A UFO is nothing more than an aerial unexplained, unspecified aerial phenomenon. Most of them are cases where with a bit of analysis and a lot of probing, we can probably figure out that the likely explanation for this UFO was the stealth fighter or a drone or some kind of natural phenomena like satellites or any other such pieces of stuff. A few of the cases are also seen where the UFOs don’t have an obvious conventional explanation.

Pilot’s say on the UFOs

California 2004

The first incident to notice an unusual object was filmed off the California coast in 2004. An oval shape hovering and in the words of the Navy pilot who recorded this, “Not behaving by the normal laws of physics.” People could not make out at first what it could be. Some even considered it as a morphing of the video.


As the technology was increasing, so was the occurrence of UFOs too. The pilots in America spotted an unfamiliar object with speed and movement apparently astounding experienced aircrews. The terrifying speed of the UFO shaken to aircrew to its toes. 

That same year, racing across the surface of the ocean, something that it took some skill to capture was another deadly video of a UFO fluttering across the sky which was confirmed to be a UFO by the US government.

USA’s policy on UFOs

Previously, the pilots who used to share their observation regarding the newly seen UFO were ridiculed and not taken seriously or would ignore the pilot’s report which led to many untold stories about the UFOs with the fear of being bullied. But recently, the US Navy initiated an official policy change on how they handle UFO where they are working on a procedure to require their pilots to report something peculiar. So, the US Navy has taken a big step this way.

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